9 Months (Let’s see how much I can catch up before someone turns 1 this week.)

Gwendolyn, you’re 9 months old!


By the numbers: 9 months old. 18ish pounds. 5 feedings per day + 3 meals per day. 2 naps per day. size diapers. size 9-12 month clothes.

Your spunky personality manifests itself more and more each month.

It shows up in the way you eat. You don’t want to be spoon-fed anymore. Get rid of those purees and give me finger food I can grab myself, thank you very much. Sweet potatoes, bananas, and bread are some of your favorites. You still don’t have any teeth, but you manage just fine.


Your spirit shows up in your play with your brother, too. He has taken to tackling you. The first time he ran at you and knocked you to the floor, I started to rush over to comfort and protect you–only to realize that you were emitting delighted giggles from your pinned position. So I backed off and grabbed the video camera instead, to record the fun as Brandt tackled you and you cracked up again and again. I guess having a big brother encourages feistiness in a girl.


One other area where you’ve proved to be a spitfire? Your response to the word “no.” You’ve discovered electrical outlets, and you’re quite curious about them. The first time you reached for one, I sternly said, “No!” You looked at me, grinned, and stretched your finger toward those little holes in the wall again. “No!” I repeated as I moved your hand away. Same response. This time, to communicate my seriousness, I said, “No!” as I grabbed your hand and swatted it. You? You laughed. You laughed and reached for that outlet again. I had to move you away from the intriguing danger and distract you with a toy. We’ve repeated that little scene many times since. We’ll see where that spicy dare-devilry leads you in the future…

Wherever it leads, I love you.




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2 responses to “9 Months (Let’s see how much I can catch up before someone turns 1 this week.)

  1. Oh, so cute! Love seeing her updates.

  2. She is so cute!!

    I’m still so behind on Sydney’s monthly post. I have them drafted but need to add stats, etc. Poor second child! LOL

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