Brandt’s 3rd Birthday Party

My baby boy turns 3(!) this Friday, so we celebrated with some of his little friends yesterday. Since cars of all kinds are Brandt’s passion right now, I made that the party theme–using retro aqua and red, black and white checkers, and a road painted on a white paper table cover. And since his favorite foods are yogurt, sausage, and donuts, we had the party in the morning and served breakfast.

After everyone had eaten, we took the kids down to the basement, where we had set up a pretend car wash. We used plastic sheeting (leftover from a house project) to make entrance and exit flaps, and then hung streamers and balloons in the middle, with a fan at the end to “dry” the kids off. They had a blast running through it again and again!

I had so much fun putting this together; perhaps in an alternate life I could have been a professional party planner. Brandt’s summary of the morning says it best: “It’s my favorite party!”

DSC_0492 DSC_0493 DSC_0495 DSC_0498 DSC_0503 DSC_0547 DSC_0596



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2 responses to “Brandt’s 3rd Birthday Party

  1. What an adorable party!! And he is such a doll baby. That blonde hair!! Love.

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