10 reasons I loved him 10 years ago on our wedding day:

  1. He’s a lofty 6’4″–nice for a 5’10” girl like me.
  2. He takes his relationship with Jesus seriously.
  3. He’s funny, with both sharp wit and a goofy side.
  4. He really cares for people.
  5. He’s a man of international interest; he loves learning about the world and traveling.
  6. He’s musical.
  7. He’s intelligent.
  8. He’s genuine and humble.
  9. He’s committed to God’s church.
  10. He’s good in a crowd (a complement to my introversion).

10 more reasons I love him today, on our 10th anniversary:

  1. He works hard to support our family and let me stay home with the kids.
  2. He’s quick to confess.
  3. He washes the dishes and takes out the trash.
  4. He’s appreciative.
  5. He found a shared hobby of bike-riding with me, after a disastrous attempt to combine my hatred of running with his status of former-cross-country-runner.
  6. He sings silly songs around the house (a habit in place long before we had children).
  7. He endured long years of hardship with me–everything from financial strain to infertility to having a preemie in the hospital for 7 weeks.
  8. He’s inspired by Christian biography, and he enjoys novels that I read aloud to him.
  9. He changes diapers whenever he’s around, and he wakes up with babies in the middle of the night.
  10. His “career” goals are to be a good husband and father.

Aaron, 10 years later, with all that I am and all that I have, I still honor you. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!



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4 responses to “Decade

  1. Beth Saav

    Happy Anniversary, you two! What a beautiful wedding you had, and an even more beautiful marriage you have!

  2. Beautiful! No ad for me, either–but then I’m probably a logged-in WP user.

    Btw, you are just as pretty now as you were 10 years ago on your wedding day, my friend! 🙂

  3. p.s. well, I wasn’t logged in–had to do so in order to post my comment. Hmmm.

  4. Aunt Sandra (Garrard)

    I love you both! Congratulations and thank you for inspiring all of us.

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