Seven Month Girl

Gwendolyn, you’re seven months old!


By the numbers: 7 months old. 16 lbs 8 oz. 27 inches long. 17 inch head circumference. 6 feedings per day. 1 night waking. size diapers. size 6-9 month clothes.


Month seven has been a busy one for you. The day after your half-birthday, you started scooting around on your belly. Soon after that, you learned how to sit. It’s indicative that you started scooting before sitting; it seems entirely suited to what I’ve seen of your busy personality that you achieved mobility before stillness. By the end of the month, you were rocking on your hands and knees, ready to launch.


You’ve also been busy loving the two guys – big and little – in your life. You’re already taking steps to wrap your daddy around your finger. You beam at him whenever he appears, and you babble, “Da da da da da.” He is, understandably, enchanted. You are besotted not only with your daddy but also with your brother. When you wake up from your afternoon nap before Brandt wakes up from his, you’ll play contentedly with me for a bit. But soon it’s plain that you want your best playmate, your brother. You grow evidently bored with me, and then you light up with excitement when Brandt finally makes his post-nap appearance. He’s always happy to see you, too. And I’m happy that you love our fellas.


You’re our gal-pal, and we all love you.



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  1. Love the different angles of Gwendolyn…especially her sweet little face tilted up to smile at you!

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