{embrace the camera} july 26

Today is my mom’s birthday. Today is also my half-birthday. Tomorrow, Gwendolyn will be 4 months old. If we had gone ahead with the scheduled C-section, three generations of women would have shared a “26” birthdate. (I think Gwenny’s birth was more than worth having her birthdate miss the pattern by a day.)

Here are a few favorite pictures of my mom and her granddaughter, back when Gwenny was still brand new.

And here are a few recent self-portraits of me and Gwenny, taken at arm’s length in the lovely light on our front porch.

Not quite in the frame…

In the frame, but now Gwendolyn’s out of focus…


So there you have it, the “26” birthday ladies with the “27” birthday baby.



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4 responses to “{embrace the camera} july 26

  1. Sweet! I just read your posts for G’s birth story, way to go Mama!

  2. These are beautiful, Andrea. And I love, love, love the golden color of the ones with you and your girlie–you both have the same beautiful skin (and, I’m thinking, hair color) and those shots just glow!

  3. Lovely photos! I like the focus on the one where you are in the frame, looking at the camera. It pulls the eye right to you and your great smile 🙂

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