3 Months

Gwendolyn, you’re 3 months old!

(And change. I’m late. Again.)


By the numbers: 3 months old. Weight? Haven’t been near a scale since your 2 month check-up. Ditto for height and measuring tape. 6-7 feedings per day. 1-2 night wakings. size 1-2 diapers. size 3-6 month clothes.

You’re such an interactive baby. You love people. You’ll smile at anyone at just about any time. When you  wake up and see my face, you grin. You give your daddy and brother and other family lots of smiles, too. But you don’t discriminate; friends, strangers in the store, other little kids–they all get smiles upon eye contact. You also love your toys. When your brother was a baby, I thought all those little dangly toys were useless; he never paid them any mind. But you give your attention to any toy in your radius. You stare happily at the owls and hedgehogs that hang from the bars on your swing and bouncy seat. You grab eagerly at the rings and crinkly toys attached to your play gym and car seat handle. If I place your plush baby doll on your chest, you snuggle her and try to chew on her. You really engage with the people and things in your little world.



You’re also a strong baby. You have been from the start. Even in the hospital right after your birth, you could hold your head up for short periods. Now you hardly need your head supported at all when we hold you. If you’re lying on your back and I pull you up by your hands, you keep your head level as I bring you to sit. Despite the fact that you don’t get much tummy time, you can already push yourself up on your elbows and hold your head high. You don’t last for long in that position, but while there, you look all around with wide eyes taking in the new perspective.


May you always be eager and strong, sister.

Love, Mama


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4 responses to “3 Months

  1. Carolyn Patterson

    Looks like the eyes are going to stay blue!!! So pretty – Grandma loves her little sweet princess!

  2. Ooof! I just love her! The one with her giant toothless grin is my favorite, though all your pictures of her sparkly blues are gorgeous.

  3. Aunt Sandra (Garrard)

    She is just a beautiful baby! So very happy that she is strong and healthy and I want to meet her!!!!!

  4. Annika

    What does it say that I just tried to “like” this? Sigh. Love the last line of this. And I have to get pictures to you one of these days…have some great ones of her from the Arboretum. 🙂

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