Two Months

Gwendolyn Mae, you’re two months old!

(Or rather, you were two months old two weeks ago; yet again, caring for you kept me from writing this update on time.)

By the numbers: 2 months old. 11 lbs 5 oz. 23 inches long. 15.5 inch head circumference. 7 feedings per day. size 1-2 diapers. size 0-3 month for most clothes, but you need size 3-6 month sleepers for length.

You started smiling and cooing consistently this month. In fact, you smile just about every time I look at you! At your 2-month check-up, the doctor asked if you were responsive; I looked down at you as I said, “Yes,” and you broke into a giant grin. “Very responsive!” said the doctor. The other day, I read a baby sign language book to you during a quiet moment. You smiled and even chortled a bit at all the babies pictured on the pages. When I sing to you before your naps, you smile and coo through the whole song, losing your pacifier with every expression of wide-mouthed glee.

Speaking of naps, you take those somewhat more routinely now. If I can catch you in the sweet spot just before you get tired (I watch for the first yawn or the beginning of agitated movement), then you’ll drift off to sleep on your own once you’re swaddled and placed in your swing. But if I miss that narrow window – easy to do with your big brother to watch or errands to run – then you get overtired and won’t sleep without a fight. And even when you do nap, it’s often more of a catnap. You’re just not a drowsy baby. You have never fallen asleep during playtime on the floor, something your brother did constantly. You don’t just nod off in my arms; if I want you to fall asleep while I hold you, I have to jiggle and bounce and pace and sway.

Pressed to pick one word to describe you right now, I’d say that you’re particular. You won’t put up with a wet or dirty diaper for long before making your displeasure known. You will only nurse in one position, and if milk doesn’t flow fast enough for your liking, you shake your head back and forth and grunt. You’re sensitive to changes in light, in motion, in temperature, in noise. If you fall asleep in the car, you wake up as  soon as the engine stops or your car seat is brought inside. If your brother is too loud, you fuss, but when he’s napping you also seem to miss the ambient noise he provides. When we soothe you to sleep at bedtime, you do best if all the lights in the house are off or dim. You dislike breezes. Your bathwater must be just right. I’m curious to see if this pickiness continues as you grow; I would not be surprised if you take after your picky mother.

But no matter what, your picky mama picks you, girlfriend.



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8 responses to “Two Months

  1. amy

    She’s such a darling!

    And I LOVE that last sentence. =)

  2. She is just precious. And I, too, love your last line.

  3. Greta

    Oh my goodness – she is just adorable! Stephanie (when she was a few months old) only took “catnaps” for the longest time & I remember the frustration at not having some predictable, uninterupted time. The positive is – she was later one of my best “sleepers”. Praying that for you! And hoping we can see her & Brandt this summer @ your parent’s villa??

  4. Oh my word, she is so cute!! I absolutely love the calendar idea…I’m going to have to take some pics of Sydney like that…LOVE!

  5. Bobbie

    Awww Andrea. So sweet.

  6. Oh, what a happy and gorgeous girl! Love the update and love watching your sweet family grow.

  7. Just found your blog today (not even quite sure how). Your little ones are precious. Life with a newborn and a toddler is busy, isn’t? I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old so we know right where you’re coming from. Love your writing style… makes me want to work on mine. Have a great day.

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