Little Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wanted Brandt to send a Valentine to his grandparents this year, but I quickly realized most of the crafty valentines were a bit beyond his current skill set. Then I saw this idea and thought it would be a doable team effort for the two of us:

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest




However, someone preferred looking at (and bending and eating) the signs I crafted for him to hold, rather than displaying them for photographing. I tried having his favorite stuffed animal hold a sign. I tried taping signs to the door for him to stand by. All I got was outtake after outtake.

I was ready to give up when Brandt decided to play a favorite game: namely, walk through a door, say “bye,” close the door, then return and repeat. “This could be magic!” I thought, and I set myself in front of the door to snap continuous pictures as he walked in and out. Magic, indeed!

A little printing, cutting, gluing, and folding later, we had cute cards for Grandma and Grandpa and Beppe and Papa.

Happy Valentine’s Day to them and to all of you!



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7 responses to “Little Valentine

  1. Aleece

    I love this kid!!! Those dimples are too much!

  2. Annika

    Okay, that might be the cutest card EVER. Will melt the grands hearts for sure!!! Gotta love the natural “mistakes” that turn into photography gems!

  3. what a sweet idea! And a sweet idea of Brandt’s, too! He’s into crafting after all!

  4. Carolyn Patterson

    Grandma and Grandpa think he’s the cutest Valentine ever. Can’t believe that beautiful full head of hair. Happy Valentine’s Day to Brandt and little sister and Mommy and Daddy too! We love you all.

  5. Shelli

    Great idea! You are so creative!

  6. I love the Valentines you made and no doubt, Grandma and Grandpa did too!!

  7. Bobbie

    ahhh! Cute! I was wondering what the sign on the door was for…I figured it was some creative decorative idea…

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