Guitars with Daddy

We have a few guitars around our house–Aaron’s two bass guitars, a very beat-up electric guitar, and an antique Gibson acoustic guitar that belonged to Aaron’s grandpa. Brandt asks to play them regularly. While I’ll let him plunk the strings of the electric (or a bass, if Aaron’s left one out) anytime, playing guitar while plugged into the amp is a special Daddy-time activity.

And playing the Gibson? Definitely reserved for special time with Daddy! Many evenings, Brandt does ask for it (taking us by the hand to the high shelf that holds the case and pointing up), and Aaron usually pulls it out and strums a bit while Brandt plays the tuning pipe like a harmonica. They make a pretty good duo.

(I bet you didn’t know playing the mouth organ required such fierce focus.)



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4 responses to “Guitars with Daddy

  1. Oh my! That last picture is just too cute for words! Some serious, serious concentration. He and Owen really are bound to be best friends.

  2. What a sweet little daddy-son time! And I notice their outfits coordinate, too. Now that’s a felicitous picture-taking moment!

  3. Carolyn Patterson

    Great Grandpa must be bragging in Heaven.The guitar actually was made for his Uncle Charles O.Golden (Hilleary’s brother) who was the best watercolor potrait painter in the US according to American Artist magazine in the 1960’s. He painted President Eisenhower and General Douglas MacCurthur.(sp?)

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