First Christmas Silhouette Ornament

Last year, I looked and looked but couldn’t find an ornament I liked for Brandt’s first Christmas. Everything seemed either too chintzy or too generic; I wanted something both personal and fresh. So I decided to make my own. Of course, by the time I decided that, it was too late to actually get it done for Christmas 2010. But I gathered my supplies last year, then finished the project to hang on our tree this year.

At Christmas-time last year, I took a picture of Brandt in profile. (I used the method described here and had Aaron hold Brandt up in front of our white curtains.) Then, I digitally edited that photo to make it a silhouette. I used Pixlr and followed these instructions. However, I didn’t have a steady enough hand with the lasso tool, so I ended up printing my silhouette, cutting it out (getting rid of some of my pixilated edges), and then scanning that cut-out. I opened the resulting digital image in a document (OpenOffice Draw, in my case), sized it to fit my frame (I created an oval outline as a guide), and added the text as word-art (so that I could curve it; I used a font called Henry Morgan Hand, which I downloaded for free here). When everything lined up correctly, I printed it onto photo paper, trimmed around the oval outline, and popped it into the frame.

The frame is a small oval one I found at Michaels a few months ago. It was silver-y with black and clear rhinestones; I spray-painted it red. Then I tied ribbon onto it in order to hang it on the tree.

I love how it turned out, and I’ve already bought a second oval frame (conveniently in a bright green) to make baby girl’s first Christmas ornament next year!



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2 responses to “First Christmas Silhouette Ornament

  1. So adorable! My hubby and I did Lily’s silhouette a few months ago and framed it. We love how it turned out, too! Great idea for a Christmas ornament.

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