9 Reasons I’m Glad I Said, “I Do”


Nine year ago today, we got married. I’m so glad I said, “I do,” because…

  1. You work hard – at a job you don’t love – to provide for us. I get the joy of staying home with our son (and soon daughter!) because of your labors.
  2. You regularly express appreciation for the work I do at home (because, yes, it’s a joy, but it also comes with its shares of troubles). Rarely do I make a meal, fold laundry, or add a cozy touch to our house without hearing you say, “Thanks.”
  3. You make our family a priority – so much so that you’re diligently pursuing a career change that will allow you to spend more time with us.
  4. You teach our son to explore, to pretend, to obey, and to love.
  5. You’re already so tender with and protective of our little girl.
  6. You’re handsome. And tall. And listen to my preferences about your appearance.
  7. You’re learning to be handy around the house, even though it intimidates you, and you’re getting quicker and quicker at tackling projects and repairs I suggest.
  8. You’re strong where I’m weak. You’re humble. You ask questions. You make small talk. You’re generous.
  9. You love God, and you want us to love Him together.

Happy anniversary, my husband, my love!

Your adoring wife, Andrea



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6 responses to “9 Reasons I’m Glad I Said, “I Do”

  1. Awww…so sweet!! What a fun day!! Please tell Aaron the Bowers say hi and miss you guys!!! Happy Anniversay guys!! And congrats on a little girl!! They are so much fun!!!

  2. awww, this is wonderful! Happy Anniversary you two!!

  3. this is beautiful. for some reason it makes me a little teary to see that picture of you two–it seems only yesterday you were standing together in that beautiful church. I remember your beaming joy as you walked up the aisle. So thankful for you, your marriage, and your sweet (growing!) family. Happy anniversary!

  4. ashleynicolewillcox

    Biggest smile ever! Love it. Love you two and thankful for God’s blessings in your life!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to two lovely people.
    It was a joy to be part of that special day.

  6. sandy garrard

    I so fondly remember that happy occasion! We had such a wonderful time visiting with family and with you all–such gracious,loving,wonderful people the Pattersons (and Andrea’s family) all are!!! One of the best memories was sitting on the plane next to my dad on the way home from Chicago and watching the sunset together. He was perfectly content. I was too. Such a sweet time. You are a wonderful couple! Hope you have many, many, many more wonderful memories and occasions together. Congratulations on your little boy and soon to be born daughter!

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