{embrace the camera} nov. 10

We have four large maple trees that carpet our yard with leaves in the fall. It’s taken Brandt awhile to warm up to the idea of playing in them. The first time we placed him in a pile, he cried and reached to be taken out. Then, he decided it was okay to be with a parent in them. Now, he walks right into any pile in the neighborhood and starts tossing leaves in the air.

Here are Brandt and me during Stage 2 of Leaf Acclimation:

Two things run through my mind when I see this picture: 1) I love the glee on his face! 2)  I could use some dye to cover up those grays…



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3 responses to “{embrace the camera} nov. 10

  1. Coralie

    Love it. And I say, embrace the gray along with the camera. 🙂

  2. two thought when I see this pic.
    you are beautiful.
    your son is beautiful

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