19 Weeks and All’s Well

This pregnancy has been so different from my first. I’ve had no complications – no extra medications, no bleeding, no bed rest. Because of that, and because I spend my days chasing a one-year-old, this pregnancy has gotten less mental focus from me. I haven’t been reading weekly updates on the baby. I haven’t been taking pictures of my growing tummy (though that’s partly due to the fact that Brandt broke the mirror I used for those pictures). Certainly, I’m thanking God for this baby, anticipating having a newborn again,  wondering what this little one’s personality will be like. But the pregnancy experience is definitely different this time.

There’s one other difference that might interest you.

This baby is a girl!

Want to see pictures we got of her this morning? Of course you do! I think she really resembles her big brother.

We already have two potential girl names picked out, though we’re keeping them secret for now. There’s got to be some surprise when the baby’s born, after all! But, for fun, what are your favorite girls’ names?



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19 responses to “19 Weeks and All’s Well

  1. Coralie

    I am so excited for you about this pregnancy! Interestingly we never used our favorite girl name: Zoe Grace. When the two girls came it didn’t seem to fit.

  2. MarySue

    A girl! How fun! So excited for you guys!
    We used all our favorite girl names, except we still have the name ‘Jenny’ waiting to be claimed, if, you know, there were ever to be another little one to come along and even the score. 🙂
    But I’m thinking you could have a Brenda to go along with your Brandt.

  3. Jen flock

    Yeah! Congrats! I told heath that you would probably use a cool name like Penelope or something cute like that!

  4. love it. favorite girl names…Sadie, Jane, Perpetua ;)!

  5. This is Sarah on James’ computer. Yay! Can’t wait to meet this little girlie! How fun!!! Love you all!

  6. amy

    A girl! How fun.

    I always liked the name Emma Grace, and I also really like Sophia.

  7. ashleynicolewillcox

    Delightful news!!! So excited you are having a girl, and I hope we are following your pattern of firstborn boy, second born girl:-) Congratulations and praise God for such an uneventful pregnancy!

    Stephen adds, as we are commenting on how popular the name “Grace” is as a middle name, “How about ‘Sovereign Grace’?” LOL. There’s one for ya!

  8. Yay for pigtails and pink ruffles and all things girly! And yay for the miraculous blessing of a different, no complication pregnancy thus far! And yay for girl names.

    We have this very sweet book, “Laura Charlotte,” and I can’t get that name out of my head ever since I first read it! Can’t wait to choose what you hear. And I’m praying we all have to wait a full 20 more weeks to find out!!!!

    • Ok, So I am a crazy person. When I said, “Can’t wait to choose what you hear.” what I meant was “Can’t wait to hear what you choose.” Wow. I wish this was an uncommon problem for me, but a las, I switch words and parts of words all too often. How embarrassing to do it on a blog… :-O Hope it made you laugh!!!

      • And this is one of things I love so much about you, Ang!

        Andrea, we’re so excited for you! Tali said, “When she grows up, I’ll have another girl friend to play with!” The whole Fenska fam is pretty enchanted with the thought of playing with another little Patterson.

  9. she is gorgeous. How incredible to see the features already. Right now for Holloween she is my baby Boo. Luv, Luv, Luv.

  10. Adam Moore

    Excited for you guys!

  11. Yay! So exciting! Soon you’ll have a little girl running around the Patterson house. 🙂 We’re rejoicing with you in the blessing of a complication free pregnancy. As Angie said, much as we can’t wait to meet her, we hope she stays snug as a bug in there for a few more months!

  12. Annika

    What fantastic news! So glad to hear you are doing well and things are going smoothly. Of all the names suggested here I think it’s a tie between Perpetua Patterson and Baby Boo. 🙂 One favorite we never used was Ava. I always loved Ava Claire. Other than that we used up all our fav girl names on our three. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you choose! Good for you for holding out for some element of surprise!! 🙂

  13. clasina klos

    Hi Andrea,
    So glad to see all is well!! Name I like with Patterson, “Shannon Rose”. Take care, love, Aunt Clasina

  14. Oh, a girl! How wonderful! And I just know that she will love her sweet big brother. I guess my favorite girl name is obvious, but before my Lily Rae was born we always thought we’d name our daughter Emily (if given the opportunity). I still love the name but Lily’s name was just meant to be, ya know? I can’t wait for you to welcome her in due time and to hear which name you picked. Congrats!

  15. JJ

    SO happy to read this – and PINK – YAY! Congrats, my dear!

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