These Days

Um, hi.

First trimester + new school year + lots of miscellaneous projects = no blogging for too long! But I’m back now, feeling well at 19 weeks (more on that tomorrow), with plenty of material for writing.

Today, an update on what Brandt’s up to these days.

By the numbers (for old time’s sake): 19 months, 17 months adjusted age. size 3 diapers. size 12-18 month clothes. 16 teeth. 19.5 inch head circumference. 23 pounds. 31.5 inches tall.

I call him “Sweet Boy” all the time, because he is. He loves to snuggle as much as ever; he’ll stop in the middle of playing to come rest his head on my chest or hug my legs for a moment. Sometimes when I hold him and pat his back, he’ll pat my arm to the same rhythm. One of his favorite games right now is to grab a stuffed animal, hug and kiss it, then bring it to me (or Daddy) for hugs and kisses. He does this with baby dolls, too, if we’re at a girl friend’s house. My heart squeezes every time.

Rough and tumble boy that he is, he loves playing with cars and trucks. He’ll happily spend long stretches pushing tractors, dump trucks, cars, or trains around the house, saying “Brrrooom, brrooom” (or his version of “choo choo”, in the latter case). He has a passion for playing in the driver’s seat of our car; he screams vociferously when removed, especially if he then must suffer the indignity of his car seat. Some of his most-requested books right now feature vehicles of all sorts: Freight Train, Machines at Work, Digger Man, Let’s Go, Wheels on the Go.

He also adores music. Every morning, he walks into the living room, points at the stereo, and signs “music” until I turn it on. Then he dances! Clapping, swaying his head side to side, bouncing up and down, and – most recently – spinning in circles. He still enjoys playing our piano. If I sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” he throws his hands in the air. For “The Wheels on the Bus,” he presses his finger to his cheek and says, “Sss” (anticipating the verse where the mommies on the bus say, “Sh, sh, sh”). When he’s upset, a song can almost always restore him to smiles.

The last current passion I’ll mention is the outdoors. He would go outside rain or shine, hot or cold, day or night, if only mama was game. He’ll wander our yard, picking up sticks and rocks and leaves (and picking my flowers and vegetables if I don’t watch closely). He grabs my hand and pulls me to the sidewalk for a stroll around the block. If we go for a longer walk, he likes to push the stroller. He pats his head and points to his helmet to say he wants to go for a bike ride. I already fear how stir-crazy he’ll get when we can’t go outside as much this winter!

So there you have it. Loves cuddling, going for walks, listening to music, and fast cars. What’s not to love, little one-year-old ladies?


Whew! So many words unleashed after bottling up my writing for so long… The remainder of this post is more for my own record, a few lists of things that I want to remember Brandt liking and doing at this age:

Signs: more, water, banana, cracker, fish (often signed with cracker, to request Goldfish), eat, hot, cold, up, milk, baby (which he most often does to tell me he wants to watch a Baby Signing Time or Baby Einstein DVD), music, bird, hat, car, phone, binky (he made up his own signs for the latter two)

Words: no, mama, daddy, ball (baw), bye (bah), button (buh), more (mo), boo, boom, whoa, down (doon), spoon (poo), bowl (bow), ding, ooh, row (when singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”), up, all done (ah duh), door (doh), yay, go, yummy, uh oh

Sounds: moo, choo choo, vroom, roar/growl, snoring (we pretend to be asleep and then wake up), woof & pant (for dogs), wailing like a fire engine, smack smack smack spit (what a camel says!), elephant squeal, hoo (for owls), ooh ooh ah ah (for monkeys), the smack of a kiss

Favorite Foods: bananas!, crackers of all kinds, cheese, yogurt, all condiments (including salsa!), hamburgers, macaroni and cheese (the only pasta he’ll eat), craisins/raisins, apples, pears, oranges, strawberries



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2 responses to “These Days

  1. Terri Brandt

    Love every comment and every picture. How precious he is. Can’t wait to hold him again next month. You gave me that same joy and still do. Love oodles- Mom

  2. I know one little lady who would think that little man is right up her alley. 🙂 Adorable!

    p.s. so glad to have blog posts from you to read again! I’ve missed them!

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