Baby Shower

In the midst of the hectic NICU days last year, I never got the chance to write about my baby shower. It meant so much to me, though, that I wanted to commemorate it still. As the months slipped by, I eventually decided to save the post for one year after the shower; then that date (April 10) slipped by, too. Oops!

So, one year and two days ago, dear friends from church threw me a baby shower. Not just any baby shower, but the best, most personal shower I’ve ever attended.

The theme was bedtime stories. The hostesses transformed a conference room at a local hotel into a sweet turquoise and orange nighttime nursery, complete with curtains around a starry sky, lots of low light from lamps, and a rocking chair. We had milk and cookies (including the most darling homemade onesie cookies!). Instead of cards, ladies brought children’s books to build Brandt’s library. For entertainment, a few ladies mimed well-known stories for us to guess. The book theme warmed this English major’s heart!

There were many other personal touches, in addition to the book theme. We began the shower by singing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” thanking God for all that he had done through the years to bring us to that day. Friends shared encouragement for me and prayed for me. Since it was a large crowd, the hostesses cleverly arranged it so that gifts were opened with smaller groups, giving me a chance to visit with everyone. During the present-opening time, there was a book available for people to write notes to Brandt, which I took and read to him in the hospital later.

I left that morning so incredibly touched by all the thought and effort put into that baby shower. I had been so excited to finally have a baby shower, but it far exceeded my expectations. I continue to think regularly of that day and all its blessings. It was a tangible, touching exhibit of how much my God and my friends know me and care for me.

Thanks again to the hostesses and all who attended one year ago!

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5 responses to “Baby Shower

  1. amy

    What a fun, personalized, creative blessing! I’m so glad you shared.

  2. Liz

    Wow…that is truly, literally the most beautiful, thoughtful, creative baby shower I’ve ever seen. It must be fabulous to have felt so well loved and special in the midst of the fear and chaos surrounding prematurity.

    Those cookies are TOO darling!

  3. Loved reliving your baby shower though this post. It was such an amazing time of celebrating God’s faithfulness with you!

  4. Joyce K.

    Wow, some creative talented people put that shower together. Very impressive. I may get some ideas from these pictures. Our daughter is having her first baby , a boy, (at age 37) in July. Shower is June 11. The book theme is really cool and would be great for Laura, she designs book jacket covers and books are dear to her heart. You are blessed. Praise God for Brandt and all babies. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Annika

    So fun to see these pictures! Hands down, this was the most impressive baby shower I’ve ever been to!! So creative, and fun, and meaningful. So glad to have shared in it with you; I remember just being SO happy for you to finally have a shower for YOU! (And Brandt, of course. 🙂 )

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