11(!) Months

Brandt, you’re 11 months old!

By the numbers: 11 months old, 9 months adjusted age. 8 oz bottles for breakfast and bedtime, 4 oz bottles for lunch and dinner. 2-4 servings of solids x 3 meals per day. 2 doses of reflux medication per day. 2 naps per day. size 3 diapers. size 6-9 months clothes. 2 teeth. 17 lb 15 oz.

I can’t believe you’re almost a year old.

You keep getting stronger. You do a full-fledged (though still somewhat slow) crawl now; no more creeping on your belly. A few weeks ago, you figured out how to pull up to stand. You stand in your crib. You stand next to couches and chairs. You stand by your high chair or a stool in the kitchen. Much frustration comes to you from surfaces that don’t allow you to grip and pull up – kitchen cabinets, walls, the side of our bed. When you are standing, you bounce up and down or inch yourself sideways. You fall frequently (and have a few small bruises on your head to prove it). We comfort you but encourage you that “boys are rough and tumble!” You are starting to learn how to get back down after you stand, which hopefully means fewer falls.

You eat little bits of whole foods now, instead of just purees. You relish grabbing small cubes of squash, potato, pear, or banana and shoving them into your mouth. We give you bagels, which you gum into mush, strewing crumbs everywhere in the process. When mama and daddy eat dinner, you sit with us in your high chair at the table and gobble up a couple handfuls of Cheerios. (We’re grateful that gone are the days when we took turns eating dinner while one of us held a very cranky you.) Interestingly, you feed yourself primarily with your left hand, so we’ll see if that becomes your dominant side.

Your language gallops apace. You’ve just added a couple new consonants, “t” and “k,” so your babble sounds more and more like real conversation. Even more exciting, it’s growing evident that you understand some of the things we tell you. You pat our hands and grin proudly if we ask for “five.” When I feed you and you grab for the spoon, you will pull your arm back if I say, “No hands!” During a recent visit with your Beppe, we took you swimming for the first time; once you felt comfortable in the pool, you would paddle your feet if I said, “Kick your legs!” When we get to the end of Moo, Baa, La La La (one of your favorite books), you respond with a little intoned coo to the last line: “It’s quiet now. What do you say?” It’s so fun to communicate with you like this.

I can’t wait to keep getting to know you, Buddy Boo.




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6 responses to “11(!) Months

  1. How is he so grown up already?! Love these pics, and especially the first and last one. His hair looks really red in that last one!

  2. andrea,
    i can’t believe brandt is 11 months old already!!!!!

    have i mentioned lately that your baby boy is so yummy??????


  3. Every time I blink, Brandt gets so much bigger! What a darling boy. I’m pulling for him to be a lefty! 🙂

  4. Angie

    Love that last picture! I could gobble him up, he’s so cute! Why, oh why, are our babies almost boys?

  5. Every time I think he can’t get cuter-he does.

  6. amy

    He is such a doll! I especially love the first picture. It makes me laugh.

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