embrace the camera {1}

My friend Sarah (do you read my friend Sarah’s blog? you should read my friend Sarah’s blog) participates in a weekly blog carnival called “Embrace the Camera.” Basically, the idea is to step out from behind the camera and get IN pictures with our loved ones. Last week, I was getting ready,  holding B on my hip, and thought, “Hey, I should grab the camera and give it a shot.” I never got a “perfect” shot – either Brandt was too fascinated by the camera strap to look forward, or I aimed the lens at the wrong spot. But I enjoyed the results nonetheless.


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6 responses to “embrace the camera {1}

  1. I love them! Very cute and colorful! And welcome to the club! 🙂

  2. Katie

    Love the second one of you both 🙂

  3. Nadia

    Made me notice how much he looks like you. Is that reddish hair coming through?

  4. Rachel Wimer

    Hi Andrea!
    I have a birthday card I want to send to you but I’ve lost your most recent address. Can you e-mail it to me at rachel.wimer@gmail.com? Also, are you on facebook?

    Hope all is well and love the blog!

    Love and happy early birthday,

  5. Great photos! And Welcome!

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