10 Months

Brandt, you’re 10 months old!

By the numbers: 10 months old, 8 months adjusted age. 7-8 oz per bottle x 4 bottles per day. 2 servings of solids x 3 meals per day. 2 doses of reflux medication per day. 2 naps per day. size 3 diapers. size 6-9 months clothes. 2 teeth! 16 lb 14 oz.

You’ve had quite the month.

You figured out how to creep on your belly, enjoying your new freedom of movement as you explore every square foot of the floor. Non-toys — like lampstands, cords, cabinets, and boxes — entice you much more than your stuffed animals, board books, balls, and rattles. (By the way, you’re much harder to photograph with such mobility!)

You sprouted two bottom teeth, one right after the other. Those were a rough few days (and nights), as the teeth broke through your gums. They’re still too small to really photograph, but they’re visible if you look closely and definitely tangible to any fingers you may chomp!

You discovered your toes. When you’re on your back, you now love to grab your feet. You might stick them in your mouth, or you might use them to wiggle a leg like a joystick (a reference that will be sadly outdated by the time you’re old enough to read this!). You grab both feet and rock from side to side, curled up like a pudgy hedgehog.

Which leads us to your next development: rolling over from back to front. It seemed like you had skipped the skill of rolling over, bypassing it in favor of other forms of movement. But once you got hold of your toes and started rocking, you realized that you could use that momentum to flip onto your tummy. From there, you can go just about anywhere you want.

In addition to all these developmental surges, your physical growth has spurted. You went up a size in clothes and diapers quite suddenly. Your hair, almost non-existent until now, is growing longer and fuller, though still fine and fair. You eat lots more solids (oatmeal, pears, and squash are your favorites). You put on a whole pound this past month.

Vocally, you’ve added a range of sounds to your repertoire. You say some new consonants, some at the end of “words” now, uttering things that sound a bit like “yum” and “bop.” You gargle. And you growl. Oh, you love to growl. We have family growling parties, and we’ve warned Goldilocks to stay away from our house.

You’re my growly bear, and I love you fiercely.



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5 responses to “10 Months

  1. Annika

    He’s just so beautiful! I love all these pictures. He’s getting so big…can’t believe how long it’s been since we’ve seen him! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love those big eyes and that silky gold hair! And I love your conclusion–it grabs my heart.

    P.S. aren’t they SO hard to photograph when all they do is make a beeline for the camera? I have to delete countless pictures where the child is looming into the frame and they look gigantic and disproportionate. 🙂 Oh, and blurry. Fun times!

  3. Ashley-Nicole

    Oh, Andrea I love your monthly updates on Brandt! I so wish I had the forethought to do this with Jeshuah as I have already forgotten so much:-( I can’t believe how big he is!!! He is almost as big as Jeshuah–he’s only 19 lbs (still)!!! And they are in the same size diapers now! Incredible! Oh how I love the mobile stage! Alright, so it is definitely more work, but the joy of watching them explore their world is such a beautiful thing! Keep enjoying your little bundle of joy!!

  4. What cute pictures of Brandt! I love all his different expressions. And I am laughing just picturing him growling with Daddy. 🙂

  5. Angie

    What a delightful post. What a delightful boy! I LOVE all his layered onesies. So cute. Gabe is wondering when his friend Brandt can come over so they can grab each other’s faces as they scream and growl.

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