Give and Give

Still shopping for Christmas gifts? Me, too. Last week, I asked for your recommendations. This week, I have a suggestion for you.

Some of our closest friends, the Fenskas, have opened an Etsy shop to raise money for adoption. They hope to adopt from Ethiopia (you can read more about their decision to adopt here). In their Etsy shop, Already Love You, they sell darling homemade bibs, burp cloths, nursing covers, and more.

See? Darling!

I use one of these nursing covers when I pump away from home; it’s so handy! Already Love You’s covers are cuter and cheaper and cover-ier than anything in retail stores. I’ve ordered a 6 mo+ bib for B’s “need” gift. A nice big bib is definitely a need now that he eats all kinds of messy, colorful stuff!

If you know any babies or moms of babies, consider doing some Christmas shopping at Already Love You. You can give some sweet stuff and support a sweet cause at the same time.


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