Happy Half-Birthday, Baby!

Brandt, you’re 6 months old today! I can’t believe you’re already halfway to a year.

By the numbers: 6 months old, 4 months adjusted age. 4-6 oz per bottle x 7 bottles per day (in other words, over 1/2 gallon of milk in a 24 hour period!). 3 naps per day. 2 doses of reflux medication per day. size 2 diapers. size 3-6 month clothes. We don’t know your current weight and length, but we’ll find out when you visit the doctor next week. I’d guess you weigh between 12-13 pounds, which would mean you’ve quadrupled your birthweight.

You seem to be growing up so fast these days. I felt bittersweet when you recently outgrew your 0-3 month clothes. On one hand, I’m so thankful and proud that you’re thriving, considering how tiny you were at birth. On the other, it makes me sad to think that you’ll never be this small again. (And only the Lord knows if we’ll ever have any more children to wear some of those sweet little outfits.) You wore a T-shirt, zip-up jacket, and jean shorts today, and you looked like such a big boy.

And it’s not only in size that you’re growing. You’ve hit some major developmental milestones this month. You can lift your head and chest clear off the ground, looking ready to launch into an army crawl at any time. From that position, you’ve accidentally rolled over a few times, when one arm collapses and you lose balance. Also, you officially giggle now (though your chortles are elusive). And you “talk,” stringing together all sorts of coos with various inflections. You like to grab your pacifier, pull it halfway out of your mouth, and then chatter away.

Speaking of your pacifier, I’m trying to teach you to put it back into your mouth. Though you can suck on your fingers or thumb, you definitely prefer that binky. If it falls out of your mouth while you play, you’ve developed a particular way of expressing displeasure. You scrunch up your nose and pucker as if you’ve just bitten a lemon, then you sniff loudly and repeatedly. Often now, instead of popping the pacifier back in for you, I hold it for you to grab. You usually then attempt to put it in your mouth every way except the right way, but every now and then, you get it right. It’s fun to see you developing motor skills and puzzle-solving abilities.

Sleepwise, your patterns have held steady for the past month. You still nap three times (usually two long naps and one shorter one), but you generally stay awake for close to two hours between naps. You wake up 45 minutes into every nap; I could set a clock by you. Sometimes you simply need a pacifier return in order to drift off again, but sometimes you need me to rock you. It’s easy to see those wake-ups as “interruptions” to my time, but I’m seeking to remember that you come before those other tasks in my priorities. Now I often try to use that rocking time to pray for you and your future.

At night, you have still been waking up between 3:30 and 4:30 a.m. to eat. You usually seem ravenous at that time, wailing until the bottle touches your lips. Last night, however, the sleep fairy visited us. You stirred at 3:30, and I gave you your pacifier. Then you didn’t wake up again until 7:30 a.m., and you woke up cheerful! It was a delightful half-birthday gift from you to us, your parents. We’d love to see this become your new pattern.

But whether you sleep through the night or not, we love you oodles.


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10 responses to “Happy Half-Birthday, Baby!

  1. JJ

    Wow, 6 months already! He is just too cute for words! Happy Half Birthday!

    • Hi
      I came to see some pictures of your baby–Terri& Tom’s grandbaby! Wow that kid is cute! TOO cute for words–absolutely adorable–so glad I found your blog back Looks like you’re doing great.
      much love to you all! Jane

  2. happy half birthday, Brandt! I love your handsome pictures. Especially the gazing at the sky shot, and the sweet little puckered lips, and the one of you in your zip-up jacket where you look very big indeed. πŸ™‚

  3. Aunt Kathy

    Andrea, the pictures are amazing!! I love to see how Brandt is growing. He has the cutest expressions. I continue to pray for you, Aaron and Brandt.

  4. Annika

    Beautiful light in these pictures! Oh, and beautiful boy, too. πŸ™‚

  5. Look at that boy and those gorgeous blue eyes! 6 months already… unbelievable. He only gets more and more precious!

  6. Julie B.

    My favorite is the first picture-that look right before a big smile. =)

  7. sandy garrard

    What a lot of growing Brandt has been doing! What a gorgeous little boy. He sure looks like a Patterson to me, as I remember Aaron looking and even Esther’s and Paul’s little ones. So happy for you!

  8. Brandt is simply adorable!

  9. Greta

    Happy half birthday! He is absolutely the cutest little guy — what a gift he is! Love your blog and you, too.

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