Since Brandt was born, I’ve stopped working outside the home.  We had always planned on that, and we sought to make sure all our bills would be manageable on Aaron’s income alone.  However, we knew it would be tight.  There’s no room for any extras or luxuries.  I don’t mind, since it means I get to stay home with my boy.

But during the dual-income years, I found a number of favorite beauty products that tend toward the higher end of the price range.  Right now, I’m carefully hoarding the last bits of each.  But I’ll run out soon.  So here’s where you come in.  Can you recommend any drugstore equivalents to the following products?

Facial Care – Philosophy

image credits: Sephora.com

I have rather dry skin.  The skin around my eyes is especially troublesome–dry to the point of chapping in winter, prone to bags, and extremely sensitive to boot.  After numerous eye creams gave me rashes and irritation, I finally tried “Hope in a Tube.” It worked wonders, and I quickly fell in love with the “Hope in a Jar” moisturizer and “Purity Made Simple” face wash as well.

Any recommendations for similar drugstore products?  I’m going to Hope in a Tube most of all.  (Hey, parents!  Christmas/birthday gift idea *wink wink*)

Makeup – Cargo OneBase

image credit: Ulta.com

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do wear a little concealer most days (see aforementioned eye bags).  Again, I run into the issues of dry, sensitive skin–so I need a liquid versus a powder or pencil/stick.  Also, I’m very fair, but I have freckles that look grey if the concealer is too heavy.  The Cargo OneBase foundation/concealer in ivory is the best I’ve found; liquid and lightweight, it blends perfectly while giving just the right coverage.  Suggestions for alternatives?

Hair – Pureology RealCurl

image credit: drugstore.com

Lastly, hair–admittedly the least important these days, as I wear my hair in a ponytail most often.  Still, it’s nice to achieve a good hairdo when I have time.  I’ve been using Pureology Real Curl cream for a while.  I scrunch it into my hair, blow-dry with a diffuser if I need it dry quick-ish, let it air-dry otherwise.  So, product recommendations for mildly curly, thick, dry (catching a theme?) hair?

Thanks, friends!



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6 responses to “Equivalents

  1. I have always been El Cheapo when it came to hair and makeup (which I never wore until this year but I was cheap on skincare too, never even wearing facial lotion until the last few years.) Then I started using Aveda products on my hair and saw what a difference they made. And so now I’d rather eat Ramen every month than give up my Aveda shampoo and conditioner. But for face stuff, I got Carmindy’s book Five Minute Face and in the back she’s got a shopping guide broken down into categories. She’s got pricey stuff and cheaper stuff listed. I got the cheap stuff for my skin type (oily) and it works a treat. I think if you tried what she recommends for you, you’d spend about as much for the whole regime as you spend on Hope in a Jar and you’d feel satisfied. And you can get the book at the library!

    I love Philosophy too, btw. I wish I could afford it. I hope you enjoy the last of yours!


  2. Hey Andrea,

    Not sure if this will help, but i use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer on my whole face, even around the eyes. I have very sensitive eyes and this stuff doesn’t bother me at all. One bottle of it lasts me almost a year and i love it! it is a bit pricey, BUT again, it does last a LONG time. i put it on right after i get out of the shower each day and then proceed with my makeup. the cosmetic store out at the outlet mall actually carries it for less than the clinique counter at macy’s.

    for concealer (to cover my lovely dark circles) i use Estee lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place concealer….its’ the only concealer that works for me. it comes in many shades and the best part of all is that it literally stays on all day until i wash it off; even when my eyes water from allergies. the price isn’t to bad either; i want to say it’s like $19 and it lasts quite a while. i probably only buy it twice a year. you can get it at macys or carsons at the estee lauder counter.

    for curls i have actually used Curly Sexy hair, which comes in a spray that you put on hair while wet and either use a diffuser and blow dry or air dry. Tammy actually cares that line in her shop, which means you could get it cheaper there than anywhere else.
    i have recently started using products by Kenra and i’m loving it! they’re cheaper than Pureology(which i’ve used and loved, by the way–but it’s to pricey for me) and they get good reviews. they have a product for curls as well, which would maybe be good. i buy their products at Ulta, and if you watch the mail, you can get coupons for $3.50 off any item.
    just a thought…do you currently buy that Purelogy product from Tammy, because i know she carries some pureology products and could possibly get it for you.

    hope that helps…..

    ~patty r.

  3. andrea, one more thing. for face washing, i use the oil of olay daily facial cloths and i love them. they come in different packages for different skin types and the price isn’t to bad, especially if you buy them at sams.

    ~patty r.

  4. Angie

    Have you ever used Mary Kay? I can hook you up with a sweet deal!!! Let me know. I order every 3 months!

  5. Clasina

    Hi Andrea,
    Enjoying your blogsite, as for skin products I get Dr.Eckstein shipped to me from the States. It is a German company, and they have an Azulen line for very sensitive skin at a reasonable price. MarikaTarver is the lady that sends it to me. Clinique has some ingredients in it that are hard on some sensitive skins, so if you decide to try it, use it on the skin of your underarm first. The same for MaryKay, take care, cheerful greetings from Clasina

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