Happy Fourth!



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7 responses to “Happy Fourth!

  1. ktro

    Wonderful shots of you three! Love ’em 🙂

  2. Annika

    Ya’ll are just too cute! Happy 4th to you too…a little late.

  3. Lauren Denton

    Hi! I haven’t checked blogs in quite a while so I haven’t seen little Brandt in a long time. He’s so cute with his little chubby cheeks! Y’all look wonderful. I hope the colic passes soon. From what everyone who’s dealt with it has told me (as I’m sure people have told you), it does pass.

  4. sheila

    Hi Andrea, it was so good to see you on Sunday (although brief) and to meet Brandt. I was hoping we’d get to meet the little guy we’ve been praying for. He has some huge Colorado fans out here. Anyways, glad to see you guys so happy, and I will be praying for the colic. We dealt with that also and it taught me to never say “as a parent, I’ll never do that,” because you become so desperate and exhausted that you’ll try anything within reason (long car rides, vacuuming, running water, placing them next to the dryer, etc)….yep, been there! Wish our first born would have come with an owner’s manual!


    the Aichele’s

  5. You look so happy! I know that smile….it’s the smile of someone who thought they would never have a baby, and then God intervened! I have it in A LOT of pictures:)

  6. sarah k

    beautiful family pics! I love your bangs, Andrea. You are one stylin’ mama! 🙂

  7. sandy garrard

    What a beautiful family! Love you! Aunt Sandra

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