First Father’s Day

(The shirt says, “My Dad is: *awesome *fun *the best”!)

It warmed my heart to celebrate Father’s Day with Aaron.  He’s a fabulous dad.  He fell in love with Brandt even harder and faster than I did.  He gives our little boy all kinds of affectionate nicknames.  He reads us Bible stories at bedtime and prays for us.  He gets up in the middle of the night to give Brandt his bottle and soothe him back to sleep.  He takes over a lot of the baby care on weekends so that I can get a break.  He’s awed by Brandt’s cuteness, telling him regularly, “You break your Daddy’s heart!”

I love my husband, and I love to see him a dad at last!



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3 responses to “First Father’s Day

  1. aleece

    We love your hubby too and are so thankful that he got the joy of celebrating his first Father’s Day! Fatherhood suits him well!

  2. Annika

    I was thinking of Aaron on Sunday…so thrilled for him to be a dad. 🙂 I always knew he’d be great at it, judging from his interactions with our kids. Love you three!

  3. We love seeing the awesome dad that Aaron is, too!

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