Best Buds in the Making

Angie, Jen, and I were pregnancy pals – all due within a month of each other (I was last but ended up first!).  We all had boys.  At church this morning, we did a little photo shoot with Brandt, Gabe, and Isaac.

Here they are, laying side by side from oldest to youngest (Brandt, 10 weeks; Gabe, 6 weeks; Isaac, 4 weeks):

“Sitting” together, from youngest to oldest:

And an outtake that has had Aaron and I laughing all day long:

(No babies were harmed in the taking of these photos.)



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7 responses to “Best Buds in the Making

  1. These pics brought big smiles to my face! How sweet!!!

  2. Oh goodness…that last one is downright hilarious!

  3. Angie

    Ahhhh….so that’s why Brandt is making that silly face–Gabe was giving him the left hook. I captured Brandt’s funny face in one of my pictures but not Gabe trying to punch him! I’ll go have a talk with Gabe about being kind to his buddy!

  4. elisabeth

    Love the pictures! It looks like Gabe’s gonna be a trouble maker.

  5. jen flock

    ok – those are SO cute! The last one is hilarious! poor little Brandt! 🙂

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