Due Date

Today was Brandt’s estimated due date, and he’s almost nine weeks old.  Crazy.

We’re still adjusting to having him at home.  It’s a delight to hold him and kiss him whenever I please.  But it’s also exhausting, as caring for a newborn always is, with an extra measure due to his special needs as a preemie.  Because of his hypoglycemia, we have to feed him every three hours round the clock.  We have to check his blood sugar every morning, and we have to administer a variety of medications to him at different points in the day.  He also has a lot of ongoing appointments, with weekly visits to the pediatrician and follow-up consultations with all the specialists who saw him in NICU.  I’m definitely asking God for a lot of strength, so that I won’t get overwhelmed by everything involved in caring for Brandt.

But, thankfully, Brandt seems to be thriving at home.  He gained 10 oz in his first week with us, which was very reassuring.  And his future’s so bright…

…he’s gotta wear shades.  Or he saw the ophthalmologist today.  Either way, really.



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9 responses to “Due Date

  1. sandy garrard

    What a handsome boy! It is hard to believe it has been 9 weeks! You are doing such a wonderful job. Our prayers continue with you. Love those shades!

  2. Oh geesh, he’s cute. Praying for the Lord to uphold you through the exhaustion and huge transition to life as a family of 3.

  3. sarah k

    Happy Due Date, Brandt! We love you. I’m going to come over and snuggle you one of these days, okay? 🙂

    Praying for you, Andrea! How is all the pumping going?

  4. Annika

    So sweet! I can’t believe he’s nine weeks old already! And yes, it is exhausting, and I can’t imagine having all those appointments and things to keep up with on top of the “normal” exhaustion!!

  5. Aunt Kathy

    Maybe you will get time to take a nap while Brandt snuggles with his grandparents this week! Can’t wait to meet Brandt in person. Maybe Aunt Judy and I will come visit later this summer.

  6. amy

    I totally agree with what Annika said about exhaustion. Praying for true, deep rest for you and that this would be a joyous time in the midst of the tiredness.

    And I love Brandt’s shades!

  7. He is so adorable, Andrea. So glad he is doing well at home! Praying for the happy and sleepy parents. 🙂

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