A Message from Brandt

Stop the presses!  I had surprised everyone with my progress, and I was supposed to go home today (much sooner than mama and daddy expected; they’ve been frantic all week getting ready for me at home).

…But I’m not going to do that after all.

I had low blood sugar levels again yesterday, so my doctors want to adjust my medications and watch me for a few more days.

I’m a little sad about the delay, but my mama and daddy say they want what’s best for me.  They trust that God will make me fully healthy soon.

Hopefully, I’ll get to come home on Monday.  Until then, mama and daddy will try to finish getting my room ready and keep visiting me in the hospital.



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11 responses to “A Message from Brandt

  1. Lauren Denton

    Oh my goodness, he’s so precious. And you look great too! I’ll pray you get to take this little guy home SOON!! (And the photos a couple of posts ago with him wearing that little blue hat with the HUGE pacifier are so cute!)

  2. sarah k

    ohhhhh. I’m sorry he can’t come home today….But he looks beautiful and I trust he will be cozy in his new room soon!

  3. Aleece R

    The Lord knows what’s best! He’ll be home before you know it and the hospital will be a distant memory. Meanwhile, we will pray you continue to trust the goodness of our God in this circumstance.

    Thanks for the update!

    BTW…leave it to a Patterson baby to already know how to read, write and blog. AMAZING!!!!

  4. MarySue

    I was just thinking today that Brandt must be about ready to go home! But I know how the NICU is, with those small setbacks and unexpecteds. I’m sure that day will come very soon! Can’t wait to meet your little guy!!

  5. staceysthoughts

    Sorry about the setback, but oh, I hope he will be able to go home on Monday. I bet you are so ready to have him with you. He just keeps getting cuter!

  6. He is the most beautiful little boy!

    You will have him home with you VERY SOON!! How exciting is that!?

    Praying for your sweet family of three.


  7. Aunt Kathy

    Home in time for Mother’s Day!! It will be an extra special day for you and Aaron. I want to see and hold my great-nephew!!!

  8. JJ

    You both look great! Cant wait until B gets to come home!

  9. Stephanie

    We’re so happy to see he’s almost home! We’ve been following Brandt’s progress on the blog and thinking of you often! We are still in Chicago…maybe heading back mid-May or end of May? Anyways, we’d love to try to see you again and see this precious creation…but if you have too many visitors or too much going on — we definitely know how exhausting all of this stuff is!! — we’d be happy just to give you a call! Lots of love from the four of us.

  10. Stephanie

    oh, yeah, and he is SO CUTE!!

  11. Ahh…I’m sorry he didn’t get to come home as planned..but thankful that this was caught before he left. I love the last picture of you and him. Just so precious how he’s looking at you.

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