Brandt Yawns



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12 responses to “Brandt Yawns

  1. jen Flock

    oh my! I cannot get enough of this cutie! I love the eyebrow raise! What a gift from God! love the double chin!

  2. Liz


    The end.

  3. he is so sweet….very kissable!!!!

    ~patty r.

  4. Misha Seger
    I think I watched this 5 times! He is one cute little boy!

  5. Aleece

    All that growing is a lot of work!!! So precious! Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments of your sweet baby boy!!!

  6. sandy garrard

    He is so beautiful! What a lovely little film. We love you!

  7. sarah

    ahhhh! love the wrinkled brow! he is adorable!

  8. Hanna

    Poor little guy’s all tired out – awwww, shux!!! Sleep baby Brandt, sleep!

  9. jen Flock

    Does it track for you how many times people watch this? Because I might be embarrassed if it does. 🙂 I just can’t get enough of your cute baby! The double chin & scrunched up brow are my favorite! 🙂

  10. What a sweet baby boy! Love it!

  11. amy

    How unbelievably sweet!

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