Three Weeks Old

Brandt is three weeks old today!  He’s up to 3 lb 13 oz.  When he first started taking milk two weeks ago, he got 2 mL; today, he reached the full feeding amount for his gestational age – just over an ounce.  Since his nutritional needs are now met by breastmilk (plus a fortifier to supply extra calories and calcium), he no longer needs IV fluids and had his PICC line taken out of his arm today.  Now his only tubes are the nasal cannula for oxygen and the feeding tube.  Hooray!



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12 responses to “Three Weeks Old

  1. Liz

    Oh, Andrea…he is simply lovely. I am so happy for you.

  2. Mary Chandler

    He is so, so cute! I love his outfit.

  3. ashleynicolewillcox

    Ahhhh! What a DARLING!!!! You can be sure I will be coming back to hold him when he is released:-):-)

  4. He is doing so well!! Love seeing pics of him! 🙂

  5. MarySue

    It’s so fun to see Brandt in clothes! He’s adorable!

  6. sarah

    oh, that outfit! And those big wide eyes! Love, love.

  7. Beth S

    So teeny tiny cute! Love, love, love!

  8. Anna

    so sweet.. glad you are able to give him breast milk…

  9. Amazing picture and amazing progress! So glad to hear it.

  10. Angie

    What a peanut! I can’t stop coming back to look at him!

  11. JJ

    Happy 3 weeks little one! Keep growing big and strong–love seeing his pictures! Thinking of you all!

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