Owl Post

While I was in the hospital after Brandt’s birth, I received a second email from my recent correspondent, Taj-Mah Owl.  I haven’t had a chance to share it until now…

Subject: Boy Howdy Indeed!

Well, if this just don’t beat all! Here I am, just flitting about town, visiting all kinds of exotic places (after all, Austin is the live music capital of the WORLD!!!). Stopped at Torchy’s Tacos for a little lunch, enjoying the sunshine. Then, bam, there’s a baby and I probably need to start work. I do understand that little Brandt Patterson is in good hands for the time being, so maybe I won’t rush to Illinois (though I understand that Brandt’s grandparents are not nearly so patient). So, I guess that I will kind of play it by ear. It’s not that I just don’t give a hoot, but I don’t think there is much that I can do now. I guess I will check with Brandt’s mom and dad to see when my special brand of expertise is needed – after all, I specialize in home hallway owls. So, until then, stay tuned and I will try to keep everyone in the loop.


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