Elusive Eyes

Growing is hard work, so Brandt sleeps much of the time.  Sometimes he does open his eyes, though, and we’ve captured a few pictures.



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10 responses to “Elusive Eyes

  1. I am loving these pictures. And I love his blonde hair!!

    So happy to hear he’s in big boy clothes and maintaining his own body heat…that’s huge. 🙂

  2. what a beautiful baby boy, andrea!!!!! love those sweet eyes of his.

  3. martina

    I am speechless! He is just so perfect looking and beautiful! He reminds me a lot of our William in his early days (he was 7 weeks early, though you’d never know it now!).

  4. jen Flock

    oh my cuteness! we just LOVE him! Lots of ooh’s and aahhh’s over here when I bring up the pictures. Suzie says ” mores baby, mores baby!” 🙂

    how much is he weighing in at these days? hope you are feeling well!

  5. He really is a handsome boy! We love you guys tons!

  6. Annika

    Beautiful! Great shots of him here! (Are you enjoying your camera? 🙂 )

  7. sarah

    OH those beautiful eyes! He looks very content and peaceful. Eila is hollering at the computer right now; guess she’s saying hi. 🙂

  8. Hanna

    Oh man (or, boy, I mean)! What a perfect-looking little boy!!! Those eyes are very, yes, elusive. Love your entries! Thank you so much for your updates!

  9. Hello, Brandt! Such sweet eyes.

  10. Elaine Thomas

    Hello Baby Brandt
    Congratulations Patterson Family ! Much praise for the lovely progress your sweet boy is making ! I think he wants to come home … Thanks for the updates and photos on your blog. ~ E

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