…perfectly formed even at 31 weeks.  Brandt’s foot is about 2 inches long, or the length from the tip of his mama’s index finger to the second knuckle.



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6 responses to “Toes

  1. Liz

    Wow…look at the little lines and creases! I know those are usually filled out with fat on babies that are term; it’s so unique! I hate to
    get all lifetime movie, but it’s like…his feet have a little roadmap…directly to your heart: )

  2. andrea,
    thank you so much for keeping us updated with the pictures……he is so beautiful. baby feet are my favorite!!!!

    ~patty r.

  3. Oh, so tiny! I took pictures of Sam’s baby feet too. Is there anything sweeter than those little feet?

  4. Aunt Kathy

    Love those toes!!

  5. sandy garrard

    We have been keeping you in our prayers and thoughts and it is wonderful to see your blog pics and text. What miracles do happen! What a special little boy you have. All of us wish you the very best recouperation for you, Andrea, and also for little Brandt we hope he continues to thrive and grow day by day. We love you! –Aunt Sandra and Grady

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