Boy. Howdy.

Someone made a surprise appearance via emergency C-section on March 15. He’s a boy. His name is Brandt Hilleary. At birth, he weighed 3 lb 2 oz and measured 15 inches long. He’s stable, but he’s got a long NICU stay ahead of him. We love him, and we’d love your prayers for him.

Someone made a surprise appearance via emergency C-section on March 15. He’s a boy. His name is Brandt Hilleary. At birth, he weighed 3 lb 2 oz and measured 15 inches long. He’s stable, but he’s got a long NICU stay ahead of him. We love him, and we’d love your prayers for him.



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  1. oh my goodness!!!! what a surprise!!! definitely praying for you and the little guy. congrats, mommy!!!

  2. Liz


    Wow. My mouth is literally agape in shock.

    I’m so thankful that despite whatever the emergency was which necessitated his early arrival, he is still pink and gorgeous and dare I say even a tiny bit chubby?! What a truly beautiful blessing; made all the more lovely by the long wait.

    I hope there will be a time one day for you to share the story of little Brandt’s arrival-and his name. I know what Brandt is for, obviously…but I am interested to hear how you cane to choose it and what the middle name represents.

    Truly holding onto hope for Brandt’s continued growth and for your long awaited entry in the season of motherhoo to still be so sweet, despite this not being how anyone pictures things.

    Welcome to this side of the world, Brandt. Grow, baby, grow.

  3. Congratulations. He is so adorable…and yes pink and looks healthy…praise God!

    Praying for as short a stay in NICU as possible and abundant peace and joy to rule your heart!

  4. Maria Taylor

    what a surprise. blessings and prayers for all of you. He’s beautiful. Two of my nephews spent awhile in the NICU. The Lord will sustain you. The Lord will sustain him.

  5. Annika

    Oh! Oh! I’m in shock! Congratulations on your son…are you okay? Are you home? Probably not yet…wow. We’ll be praying for you for SURE, Andrea and Aaron! What a precious name. I love it! When you’re home I’d love to bring a meal…so if you have a minute, let me know who to contact or just give my name to whoever is organizing meals, okay? We love you all!! A son! What a blessing!

  6. Aunt Edith

    Congratulations Mom & Dad !
    He looks beautiful. Praying that God will give him strength each day to grow healthy and strong.

  7. Praying, praying, praying. We love you guys.

  8. Congratulations on the arrival of your little boy! I was shocked to see he was born already….although not nearly as shocked as you, I’m sure! Glad he is doing well and will be lifting all 3 of you up in prayer as he grows in the NICU.

  9. Brooke

    Woah – I just now saw this. Congratulations on sweet little Brandt, Andrea and Aaron! I hope he continues to be stable and that his stay in the NICU is short. I hope you are doing alright and your recovery is short as well. Sending love to all three of you. Can’t wait to meet him in person some day.

  10. wow….what a beautiful baby boy, andrea & aaron. we rejoice with you over his birth and will be praying for all 3 of you as you wait for him to grow……God is faithful!!!!!

    ~patty r.

  11. Oh my word – he’s so tiny and precious! Praying for Brandt . I hope your recovery is going well. I remember all too well – we Mommys tend to just push ourselves to heal when we have a little one in the NICU – that’s all that seems to matter. Take care of yourself, little mama. 🙂


  12. amy


    What a beautiful son you have! I am praying for all of you.

  13. We love all three of you. So in awe at God’s faithful provision, bringing this sweet boy out safely!

  14. Linda Beth

    Congratulations! You have a little boy! And he is beautiful, so, so, precious.

    I am praying for him and for you guys. I wish I had more profound comfort but I think that’s about as profound as you can get, huh? This is me hugging you from far away. My heart is with you.

  15. Taty

    Congratulations Andrea! Praying for little Brandt to grow up soon!

  16. Mya

    Wow! I’ve been off of the blog circuit for a little while so I’m so glad I checked in today. Congrats on your adorable little boy! You all will certainly be in my prayers.

  17. He’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! Will be praying for a short visit in the NICU so that he can enjoy the cute little nursery you were working on!

  18. Coralie

    Well, everyone had the same reaction I did. Shock and Awe. Welcome to the world little guy.

  19. Aunt Kathy

    He looks absolutely beautiful!! I am praying for all of you. Love the name!

  20. janelle

    Andrea! Oh my gosh! I will definitely be praying for you and little Brandt (LOVE the name!). He looks really good from the pic, and over 3lbs! Good for him. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing all the details.

  21. william & kia

    thinking of, praying for, and praising God for all three of you!

  22. Beth S

    O gracious God, we pray for little Brandt to grow strong and healthy and to know the oceans of love that surround him. May Christ the Healer restore your body quickly, Andrea, so you have lots of energy for mothering and may the Spirit fill Aaron with peace and wisdom to know how best to care for his family 🙂 We will keep praying, praying, praying and we look forward to meeting him this summer (and seeing you two, of course!).

  23. Lynn and Jim

    What a sweet little boy! While we don’t know you, our prayers are with you. We pray that as Psalm 91 says, you will find your refuge and strength in the shadow of the Almighty. We pray that both mom and baby recover quickly and are home enjoying life before they know it. God Bless you!

  24. Misha

    We are praying for you 3! Brandt is so precious, so very precious! Jill mentioned something last night at care group about you needing rides to and from the hospital once you are discharge. I am ALWAYS available and will make myself available to take you there and drive you home. Please please let me know whenever you need a ride! Even if it is every day, seriously. In case you need my number, 630-386-3809. You are a mommy!!! yay!

  25. jen Flock

    Congratulations Pattersons! Brandt is beautiful. There are lots of oohs and aaahhhhs here as I look at his sweet little picture like every hour! 🙂 We will keep praying for you all! Much love, The Flocks

  26. Misha

    maybe I am weird, but I tried posting a comment and it didn’t work.. so I am trying again – SO if 2 of the same kinda comments show up, sorry! hehe

    Any who! Your little boy is so precious, just so so precious. Jill said last night a care group that you might be needing rides to and from the hospital – I am completely available to pick you up and take you there and take you home whenever you need it too. Please PLEASE call me, even if you need someone everyday, know that I am more than available for you! In case you need, my number is 630-386-3809. Know that we are lifting many prayers up on your families behalf!

  27. martina

    Wow! I was not expecting this when I went on here! Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful! We will keep all three of you in our prayers.

  28. Jessy

    You may not remember me but I was in Katie Fenska’s wedding with you and I have thought of you ever since because your trials and even more – your faith.
    I am praying for you, sister. Your ‘heritage’ is adorable and His Creator is great.
    With much love,

  29. Lauren Denton

    Oh wow! What a surprise! Will definitely pray for y’all and your beautiful little boy. Keep us updated if you can.

  30. Amy

    So happy for you and your husband. I pray that baby Brandt will be strong enough to leave the hospital in a SHORT period of time. Prayin for your family. He is precious. Such a blessing!

  31. Oh! I was not expecting this news! Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy! Sending many prayers for all of you. Please keep us posted when you can. It has been so wonderful to follow your story all the way through!

  32. Aunt Linda

    Aaron and Andrea, What a precious one! We are keeping you in our prayers, all of you, and with all our hearts, welcome your sweet wee one into the world and into our family with open arms….Grandpa and Grandma Golden are surely very proud and watching all of this from above…We send our love and best wishes for a quick reunion for all of you in your own little nest.

  33. JJ

    Oh goodness, sweetie! I am praying for you all!!

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