28 Weeks

It’s hard to believe, but I started my third trimester on Friday.  I’m still in awe over this gift of pregnancy after almost five years of infertility.  Highlights from my 28 week appointment:

  • Olive Shoot’s heartbeat clocked in at 142 bpm.
  • I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying pancreas; no gestational diabetes for me!
  • When I took the GTT, they also ran a blood panel that included a test for rubella immunity; that test came back inconclusive and needed to be re-run.  This is… interesting, because I got re-vaccinated in 2006 after my initial infertility work-up showed that I didn’t have rubella antibodies despite childhood MMR shots.  Apparently, the rubella vaccine and my bloodstream don’t play nice together.  I’m not sure what happens if the repeat test shows that I’m still not immune.  Avoid rubella colonies, I guess.
  • My doctor congratulated me on the fact that I’m not anemic, saying that most women are by this point in their pregnancies.

Here’s a 28-week picture.  I still have a lot of belly-growing to do.  This weekend, I had a moment when I looked down at my toes and thought, “In a little while, I won’t be able to see those feet!”


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5 responses to “28 Weeks

  1. Andrea, you are such a cute pregnant Mommy:). Eric and I are so excited for you! Motherhood is such and amazing blessing!

  2. Beth S

    Yay! You and O.S. look beautiful!

  3. Shiloah

    I love your pregnancy progress photos! So cute! But you are even cuter in person. 🙂

  4. Annika

    Ok. That’s it. We need to get together so I can rub that long-prayed-for belly in person!! I can’t believe you’re so far and we haven’t seen you guys since you were on bed rest! I’ll email you; maybe we can get together in the next few weeks?

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