Monkey See, Monkey Eat

While I can’t say I’ve had any consistent cravings during pregnancy, I do find that simply seeing pictures of foods gives me an almost irresistible desire to eat whatever I see.  Fast food coupons in the stack of junk mail?  I start cutting up potatoes for oven fries that evening.  Photo of a mug of hot cocoa in a blog post about a snow day?  Put the kettle on!  (And wish there was heavy cream in the fridge to whip up for a topping.)

Here are a few recent food favorites.

Our small group met on the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, and I served up some heart-sandwich cookies (some with Nutella filling and some with raspberry jam) and an easy chocolate cake (HT domestic life).

Last night, I made these chicken stir-fry wraps for dinner (pictured below left).  Oh, they were yummy (and worth any subsequent heartburn)!

Tonight, we’re having what is probably our favorite new recipe of the past year: smoky beef tacos (pictured below center and right).  We’ve served this meal for hospitality several times, and it’s been a hit with every guest.  As I write, the meat has been in the oven for just over an hour, and my house smells delectable. Is it supper time yet?

(Images courtesy of Everyday Food/

If pictures of food make you, like me, salivate, hopefully these recipes will turn into a tasty treat for you to enjoy!  (Bonus: I’m no expert, but I think the stir-fry and taco recipes are gluten free.)



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3 responses to “Monkey See, Monkey Eat

  1. Elisabeth

    Yum! Both of those recipes look delicious. I can’t wait to try them out! I am debating whether I should try the cilantro-lime crema with vegan “sour cream” or just skip it.

  2. martina

    Andrea, you are making me hungry just reading this, and I’m not even pregnant!! Sounds delicious!

  3. hey andrea……i so remember those cravings!! funny story: w/one of my pregnancies i had a terrible craving for Lays dill pickle potato chips….the craving was so bad that greg went to 3 different stores trying to find them for me. well, he found them, bought 3 bags of them, and proudly came home to deliver them to me. i open the first bag, take one bite, GAG, and couldn’t eat anymore of them. :o)
    love to hear you talk about your pregnancy….what a gift from God.

    ~patty r.

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