Baby + Daddy

One small advantage to having a husband who travels a lot for work is that, every time he comes home from a trip, he marvels at my pregnancy growth.  After our reunion hug, he steps back and says, “You’re so pregnant!”  It’s quite sweet.

Once I started feeling the baby move, Aaron was eager to feel it, too.  It took a few weeks for the Olive Shoot to cooperate, though.  I’d start to feel kicks and call Aaron over; as soon as he had his hands on my belly, the kicks would stop.  He’d wait; we’d poke and prod; nothing would happen.  Olive Shoot generally acts up a bit when I first wake up.  One morning, while Aaron got ready to leave for work, I lay in bed waiting to see if there would be any movement that he might be able to feel.  Nada.  As soon as Aaron walked out the back door and got into his car… Kicking!  Jabbing!  Rolling!  It became a joke; it seemed like the Olive Shoot, in most ornery fashion, thwarted every attempt of Aaron’s to feel those movements.  Finally, about two weeks ago, Aaron got to feel some kicks.  We had a free Saturday morning, providing us with time to wait out the Olive Shoot.  We laid in bed, with Aaron’s hands covering my pregnant bulge.  We stayed still for about ten minutes, during which there were several little flutters that Aaron couldn’t feel.  Then, I felt the sensation of slow rolling inside my belly that often precedes a big kick or punch.  I told Aaron, “I think a kick is coming!”  Sure enough, several palpable jabs followed, much to our delight.

Those are just a few small moments with this pregnancy and my husband that I wanted to record, so that I don’t forget the joys of this season.



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5 responses to “Baby + Daddy

  1. amy

    Feeling the baby’s movements was my favorite part of pregnancy. I’m so glad you and Aaron are getting to experience that together!

  2. Amelia would do the same with Alex! Every time he wanted to feel her kick, she would be so still. As soon as he walked away – BAM!! (ha!) That’s the only thing I liked about being pregnant…feeling her move inside of me. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! Record as much of these memories as you can before you enter “newborn amnesia.” 🙂

  4. Annika

    Wonderful memories…so exciting! One of the most amazing parts of pregnancy for sure. (And a little weird! 🙂 ) We remain just so thrilled for you all to be experiencing these things!!!

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