24 Weeks

(I didn’t get a picture at 20 weeks, because our camera was stolen; sad! We just got the replacement, thanks to insurance.)



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4 responses to “24 Weeks

  1. Liz

    Andrea, that is about the cutest little bump
    ever! Stripes suit him/her:•)

    Where/how did your camera get stolen??? That is horrible. What kind of insurance aided in replacing it? I got a canon t1i for my birthday and would be devastated if something happened to it.

  2. JJ

    You look SUPER cute!

    So sorry about the camera–but glad you were able to get a new one!

  3. Annika

    Beautiful! And very cute shirt! I am so sorry about the camera!! Wow. Did you lose any pictures on it? Amazing that you got a new one on insurance!

  4. More info on the camera: At the end of our trip to Texas for Christmas, we took a cab from the airport to Aaron’s office. The cab driver unloaded our luggage, but missed the camera. Assuming we had everything, we went home, only to notice a day or so later that our camera was nowhere to be found. We called the cab company, but they didn’t have it, so either the driver or another passenger claimed the camera for their own. I don’t think we lost too many pictures. We did have a deductible to pay for insurance, but we were grateful to get coverage for the costs of replacing the camera and all our accessories above and beyond our deductible. We’ll definitely be much more cautious in future cab rides!

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