Mister/Mistress Kickly

It had been 13 weeks since we last saw the Olive Shoot. On Friday, at 22 weeks, we had an ultrasound.  What a delight!

The sonographer dubbed our Olive Shoot a wiggle worm.  Baby kicked and rolled and waved for our viewing pleasure, while Aaron and I smiled and smiled at the display of the little personality developing inside me. Everything is looking great.  The sonographer had to chase our  squirmy baby around to get all the images she needed (especially to see all four chambers of the heart); we certainly didn’t mind the extra ultrasound time while we waited for the Olive Shoot to cooperate.

According to the sonogram, Olive Shoot weighs about 1lb right now and has a heartrate of 147bpm (it’s been anywhere from the 130s to the 160s, a variation I’m told is normal).  Olive Shoot is also currently breech, which explains why the occasional movements I feel are quite low.  Breech positioning is not worrisome at this point; he/she has 18 weeks to get head down.  And, yes, as you may infer from the dual pronoun, we did in fact decide to remain in suspense a while longer and wait until the birth day to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl.



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3 responses to “Mister/Mistress Kickly

  1. ashleynicolewillcox

    So exciting! There is a degree of heightened anticipation when not finding out the gender that makes the wait worth it:-) I am definitely leaning towards that next time (Lord willing!). Instead of asking “does he have hair?!” in the midst of pushing, I would be dying to know “is it a girl or a boy??” Happy waiting and wondering!

  2. Always glad to hear good reports! I’m so glad the baby is doing well. He/she will be here before we know it!

  3. amy

    22 weeks–that’s so exciting! Do you have any pictures to share from the sonogram?

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