In Which I Recognize that, Huh, Getting Pregnant Is Merely the Beginning

At my 12-week OB appointment today, I got to hear the Olive Shoot’s heartbeat again, thumping away in the 160s.  What a lovely sound, that rapid “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.”  I met briefly with the doctor, but we didn’t chat too long, because I didn’t really have any questions.  The doctor seemed surprised and kept saying, “Really? No questions?  Come on, you’ve got to have something!”  What sorts of questions should I be asking?  I’m just so delighted to have the Olive Shoot, and so far at my appointments I can’t think of much beyond, “Thank you, Lord! The baby’s doing well!”

As I’m nearly done with the first trimester, it occurs to me that I ought to start planning to actually have a baby.  Obvious, I know.  But for the past four years, I’ve actively avoided daydreams about pregnancy, nurseries and newborns, because those thoughts brought on too deep an ache.  It’s hard to break those habits.  It’s strange to realize that now I should think about those matters and start to prepare.  We’ll need a nursery, a birthing plan, and a lot of other things that probably haven’t dawned on me yet.  How bewildering, and how blessedly wonderful!



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10 responses to “In Which I Recognize that, Huh, Getting Pregnant Is Merely the Beginning

  1. Coralie

    I went through the same thing. Wait until you have to register for a shower! It’s that blissful haze of being initiated into a club you never thought you’d be permitted to join.

  2. JJ

    I felt that exact thing :uh oh: I better start preparing to actually be a mom!
    So glad things are going well with Olive Shoot!

  3. Angie

    So fun, Andrea! 160s for the heartbeat? Our little babes seem to hover in the 145ish range. Caleb told the OB last appointment that he thinks the heartbeat sounds like a helicopter. I thought that was pretty accurate. Wanna hear my thought of the day? Good, I’m glad you wanted to! “Maybe Andrea has 2 nursery ideas that she’s having a hard time choosing between. She can do one at her house and the other at mine.” What do you think? I knew you’d like it. Let me know when you’re coming over to paint.

  4. shiloah

    Your post reminds me of when we brought home our first child from the hospital and I realized in horror that there would be pee-pee and poo-poo in his beautifully decorated nursery. 🙂 Have fun with all of the nesting!

  5. Vivian

    I’ve been following your blog and just so happy for you! Praise the Lord!

  6. I’m finally getting a little minute to read up on some of my favorite blogs (A is sleeping:). I never had questions either…I was just happy to have a baby in my belly. 🙂 I will say this…planning is over-rated. I planned, planned, planned for months and then she came almost 5 weeks early and so much wasn’t complete when she arrived. LOL But she was here and healthy, so that’s all that mattered to me at that point. Enjoy every minute of it, girl. It goes by so fast.


  7. Mya

    I remember having that feeling as well. It was such a different and exciting state of mind! I didn’t have any questions the first part of my pregnancy either. If baby was healthy and I was healthy that was enough for me. Glad to hear everything continues to go well.

  8. I completely understand! I actually put off even thinking about what to register for until I absolutely had to do it. I was scared to start any planning for fear that as soon as I did it, something bad would happen and I’d end up getting B.abycenter emails or Ba.bies R Us coupons in the mail after I’d had a miscarriage or something. At some point though, you just come to a point where you say, I’m pregnant and God willing, I’m going to stay this way, so I better start planning for it! It does get easier though.
    (Although I have to confess, even sitting where I am, most likely having this baby in less than a week, part of me is still asking, “Are you sure I’ll be taking a baby home at the end of this?”)

  9. I felt that disconnet with reality too but luckily I only had 20 days so I really had to get my butt in gear. The downside to that was that I had a hard time accepting that Sam was really in our home to stay for a very long time. 🙂 Enjoy planning your nursery and letting all those daydreams come back. That is all part of God’s gift to you!

  10. Wonderful, indeed! God is so good. Andrea, I have been praying for you from time to time and I am so, so happy for your growing family. You are going to be a wonderful mother and my heart is filled with faith from observing your journey from afar…

    xo Katie

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