11 Weeks + Apple-Picking

So.  I’m still here.  So is the Olive Shoot!  I’ve been rather fatigued, but I’ve started to regain some energy.  I don’t feel too queasy anymore, although I did lose my mid-morning snack yesterday.  Indigestion and heartburn seem to have taken up permanent residence.  My next OB appointment is Nov. 2, which seems ages away when I had gotten used to daily or weekly appointments with the RE.  I’m 11 weeks along; hard to believe the first trimester is nearly over!

Since I’m feeling rusty with this whole blogging thing (where to the words go? how do I transition between paragraphs?), I’ll take the easy way out for the rest of this post and entertain you with a few pictures.  Last weekend, we went to a local orchard with friends from our church to pick apples and enjoy yummy apple cider doughnuts.








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8 responses to “11 Weeks + Apple-Picking

  1. amy

    While indigestion and heartburn are no fun, I’m so glad to hear all is well. Fun apple-picking, doughnut-eating pictures!

  2. Coralie

    You look great! I was just thinking and praying for you and little Olive Shoot yesterday, so I’m delighted to see your post.

  3. Annika

    I’m sure the apple cider donuts helped the indigestion. 🙂 Love your hat!

    • Thanks for the update – glad you and O.S. are doing well (minus the heartburn and morning sickness). The pictures are so fun…you two look like my DH & I would be friends with you if we lived in the same area (whatever that means….but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw those pictures) Is your husband an engineer, by chance? 🙂

  4. Beth

    Yay! I’ve been checking every day and praying that all is well with the little Shoot! By the way, the great thing about Tums is they not only help with heart burn, they also give you a good source of calcium for building little bones. And they come in all sorts of yummy flavors.

  5. MOM

    Don’t know if this will get through. LUV the pics U look fantastic. So Aaron looks like an engineer like Dad. They are both so cute. Love to both of you and continued prayers for OS

  6. Love the pics! I’m a sucker for seasonal activities. Looks like fun, and those doughnuts look yummy! You guys look adorable. 🙂

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