Random Items, Introduced by Prepositions

As of today, I’m done with bedrest; yippee!

On Monday, I see my OB for the first time as a pregnant patient.  I’m hoping for an ultrasound to see the baby and to find out if the subchorionic hematoma has diminished any more.

During this past week, I started to experience mild “morning” sickness (stronger in the afternoons and evenings for me) and indigestion.  I really only want to eat bread and salads.  Meats and any dishes with lots of ingredients (like chunky soups) induce a gag reflex.

In a strange reversal, I have stolen the covers from Aaron (a chronic cover thief) for the past few nights.  This morning I told him it’s because I’m sleeping for two now.



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11 responses to “Random Items, Introduced by Prepositions

  1. Coralie

    You may want to try preggie pops for the nausea. They’ve helped a lot of my friends with afternoon and evening nausea.


  2. Katie

    Wow, we’re due one week apart!

    I hope that things go well for you in this pregnancy.

    Here from LFCA

  3. Angie

    With Caleb and Elliott I could not even think about lettuce. But with this one I want it all the time 🙂 So when do you wanna go to Sweet Tomatoes with me???

  4. “Sleeping for two” — love it! Sickness = a very good sign. It’s so wonderful to see you enjoying the joys and difficulties of pregnancy!
    Rejoicing with you!

  5. I wanted lots of salad (& fruit) in the first trimester too…that craving slowly dwindled as the 3rd trimester approached. 🙂

    I hope you get to see the baby!! Can’t wait to hear about your first OB appointment.


  6. amy

    I have a friend in the Chicago area who’s a doula, and she has a pregnancy tea that I think helps with the nausea. If you’re interested, you can contact her through her doula site: http://hollyhelps.us/

  7. Mya

    “Sleeping for two” is the perfect way to describe the entire first trimester! And yay for finishing bedrest.

  8. You sound so pregnant – yay! Glad the bed rest was lifted 🙂

  9. Annika

    Ah. the salad cravings. If only I were so lucky. I love salad but in my morning sicknesses just the SMELL of veggies made me gag! So sad. I have a friend who is a fast-food junkie but then only wanted salad during her pregnancy…so strange how our bodies react, huh? So glad bedrest is over for you. Hope you get to see the baby again on Monday! Post pictures if you get any! And Happy Belated Birthday to Aaron from the Durbins! 🙂

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