Heart. Beat.

We heard the baby’s heartbeat today!  Aaron and I couldn’t really see much on the ultrasound screen, but we have a 5mm baby with a heart beating at 132bpm.

The subchorionic hematoma is still there, but it seems to have shrunk a little bit.  The doctor advised me to continue bedrest for a week, although he did lighten my restrictions a degree or two.

I’ve now officially graduated from the RE.  My next appointment will be with my regular OB on Oct. 5.  That feels a bit weird, after so many years.

But this is really happening!  I’m 6 weeks and 6 days along, and our baby is due May 14, 2010.



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30 responses to “Heart. Beat.

  1. ashleynicolewillcox

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Praise the Lord! I was praying for you today, and I am so thankful for the little heartbeat you got to hear today!! Come soon, May 14:-)

  2. shiloah

    What wonderful news! I’m glad the hematoma is on the wane. Isn’t it amazing to hear your baby’s heartbeat at barely 7 weeks? We will keep praying for you and itty bitty. I hope you’re enjoying the fictional sleuthing of Beatrix Potter!

  3. Amanda

    Yay! So happy to read that you heard a strong, healthy heartbeat.

    By the way, we Srirams seem to be sensing you’re carrying a boy (& I am rooting for him to make his arrival two days late!).

  4. Mary Ruth

    So glad to hear this great news!! I have been checking all day!! Hope that sch continues to shrink!! (I had one too, and lots of spotting in my first trimester – and now…a bubbly 7-month old!) You are right, this IS happening!! So happy for you! (a lurker)

  5. The Lord is gracious and merciful…ABOUNDING in steadfast love:)!

  6. Beth

    Nothing like a heartbeat to make it feel REAL! Praise God for that fearfully and wonderfully made little person with a strong heart. Lots of love to you three!

  7. jen Flock

    Praise God!! I am so excited for your May 14th due date! Cuz my due date is May 5th. :0) our babies will be little friends! 🙂

  8. Yeah! Happy day! Praising the Lord with you 🙂

  9. Annika

    Wonderful news!! So amazing, those little hearts beating so early! GOD is amazing. We are so thrilled and blessed (I just read this to Eric) to be on this journey with you! Good to see you the other night…thanks for letting me talk your ear off. 🙂 We’ll keep praying for you and your precious baby!

  10. Annika

    Oh, and Samantha’s birthday is the 11th so they could share a birthday! 🙂 In any case…May is a great time of year for a baby!

  11. jen Flock

    bummer – you were the ONE person I wanted to tell. I have been waiting for you to have this ultrasound to find out your due date! oh well. 🙂 It’ll be fun to be prego together! 🙂

  12. Rachel

    Praise the Lord!

  13. Mya

    Yay for heartbeat and graduation! Glad to hear great news.

  14. JJ

    So exciting! Its the most beautiful sound in the world :0)

  15. patty r.

    Praise the Lord…….not a sweeter sound in the world, is there?!! I can’t begin to tell you how very happy I am for you!!!! I will keep praying for the hemotoma to get smaller and for a great pregnancy!!

    ~patty romack

  16. Isn’t it the most wonderful sound ever!?? I’m already putting my guess in…I think you’re having a boy. 🙂

    It is weird at first, going to the OB’s office. Doesn’t take long to feel right at home.

    Praying the hematoma continues to shrink.


  17. Yay, Andrea! Thanking the Lord with you guys.

  18. GREAT news! I’m so glad that you heard the beautiful heart beat and you’re graduating! How exciting.

  19. Coralie

    and my heart skipped a beat reading this. So excited for you! So thrilled!

  20. elisabeth

    Praise the Lord! We are rejoicing with you and continuing to pray that the hematoma will dissolve.

  21. Kim

    congratulations!!! i wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy!

  22. Michelle

    Congratulations! It’s exhilirating news. Will be praying for you.

  23. I think about you and your journey off and on and say a little prayer for you. Well today I FINALLY got back on your blog and I am fighting tears back! You’re pregnant! Praise God! Ok here come the tears.
    Much happiness for your and your hubby.

  24. camille

    HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! A beautiful May baby!

  25. Liz

    I’ll go on record as saying “girl”…just to go against the grain!

    Wow…an audibly beating heart at only five millimeters in size. Truly awe-inspiring. I wonder if many people realize that 5mm is smaller than a ladybug’s wingspan? Amazing.

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