Triple Play

You know how thoughts just roll around while you take a shower?  At some point in the middle of washing my hair yesterday, I realized that I had been anticipating a scenario where the doctors wouldn’t want us to transfer all of our embryos and mentally marshaling the arguments I would present to persuade them or force them to comply with our wishes.  I stopped short, recognizing that those thoughts showed that my heart was full of anxiety.

I tried instead to pray and to speak truth to myself.  I reminded myself that I didn’t even know at that point how many embryos we had, so I might have been preparing for a non-existent battle.  Instead of thinking up ways to put the doctors in their place if they balked at the principles that we’ve made clear from the start, I prayed that God would soften their hearts.  I took time to rehearse the truth of God’s sovereignty; he knew our embryos, he sustained just the right number, and he would make a way to honor those little lives by transferring them into the womb.

So how did the transfer actually go?

When Aaron and I got to the clinic, we first met with the embryologist.  He showed us pictures of our embryos from day one on, explaining the progress of development and their grades.  When he got to the last row of pictures, he pointed out how one had arrested at 8 cells and three had continued to grow to blastocyst* stage.  Those three were graded A-, B+ and C.

“So,” he said, “how many do we want to transfer?  Three?”

Spluttering a bit in shock that this would simply be offered, with no cautions or hesitations (reproductive medicine guidelines recommend transferring no more than one blastocyst in women under 30), we replied, “Yes.  Yes, we would like to transfer all three.”

“And what if you end up with triplets?” the embryologist asked.

“Then we pray for help with triplets!” I said, smiling.

“Okay, good luck to you.  Wish me good luck, too.”  And he left to prepare the embryos for transfer.

Shortly thereafter, the nurse to me back to prep for the transfer myself.  Once she had me all set, she called for the RE, Dr. Werthers, to come in.  I wondered if he would protest the three-blastocyst transfer.  But no.

Walking in, he said, “Hello, Andrea.  So, we are transferring three today?”

“Yes,” I said, “I’m very excited.”

“Good,” he commented, patting my knee.

And that was that.  We transferred all three, I rested for a bit at the clinic, and they sent me home with instructions to stay on bedrest for two days.

I’ve been continuously praising God for making the whole process so easy, thanking him for sustaining the lives of these three embryos, and asking him to cause one of more of them to implant.  Now the real waiting begins…

*If you’re not immersed in the world of IVF, here’s a link showing embryo development to blastocyst stage (note: the link is not from my doctor or clinic).



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15 responses to “Triple Play

  1. Praise God! I was so encouraged to read about how you fought worry and gave the situation to God. Praying for your three embryos!

  2. Ashley-Nicole

    Praise the Lord! That was so much on my heart to pray, that the doctors would not cause issues. And Praise the Lord for 3 little embryo transfers! Get some good rest and let us all pamper you, and we’ll be praying you through the next two weeks (and beyond!).

  3. Coralie

    Praying. Praising. Hoping. *hugs*

  4. MarySue

    I read this post with tears. How great is our God! We join you in praying for continued growth of your little ones.

  5. 3 Blasts!!!! I’m so stinkin’ excited for you! Take it easy, girl….and keep the laptop off your tummy. And that’s the only advice I will give. 🙂

    Praying those babies stay for a long 9 months.


  6. i pray those little embies hold fast to their new home. praying that the Lord will see fit to fill your quiver with these three little arrows. *blessings*

  7. What an amazing answer to prayer! I’m excited for you! Continuing to pray that you’ll hold these babies in your arms.

  8. Shiloah

    Awesome news! I’m so glad you had a smooth transfer day with no battles over the “right” number. I am praying!

  9. Maria Taylor

    praying for you and those precious embryos! -maria

  10. Beth

    You have been on our minds and in our prayers so much the last few days. We are so happy to hear how smoothly everything went yesterday. Thank God! We were praying all afternoon (and we’ll keep you and Aaron and the three little lights in our continued prayers). May you be flooded with patience and peace as you wait.

  11. Annika

    Andrea, I was so touched to read this today, after seeing so many comments from people who are praying for you, as well as I’m sure many beyond that that I’m unaware of. Prayer is so powerful and I am so encouraged to see your family being lifted up so faithfully by so many, even some you have never met…and to see those prayers answered in ways such as you experienced yesterday. We will also continue to pray for you and your little ones! Love to you all!

  12. Annika

    Sorry…just have to add: I looked at that link to the blastocyst explanation…I am just amazed. That humanity/science is capable of such things (as much as they can help it along), and that GOD created and creates such an unbelievable process of development…humanity from a cell!! Praise Him!

  13. amy

    Lord, please remember Andrea! Please bend your ear to her prayers and the prayers of your people, and open Andrea’s womb.

  14. sarah k

    I’m so thankful to hear this! Praise God for destroying those barriers. I’ve been praying the past few days but away from my computer…I will continue to pray that God will cause those little embryos to prosper and grow and and take firm hold inside your womb!

    Love ya!

  15. The Three Musketeers! Oh, how I am praying for all five of you!


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