All Lined Up

According to this morning’s ultrasound and blood panels, we’re aiming for embryo transfer next week.  My uterine lining measured right at the targeted 10mm.  I’ll continue estrogen, heparin, and baby aspirin until Friday, when I’ll add progesterone.  On Friday, the embryologist will thaw five eggs and attempt to fertilize them using ICSI.  Then we will do the transfer on either Monday or Wednesday, depending on how the embryos are growing.

I can’t believe the pace of this protocol – so much faster than a regular IVF cycle!  I guess the actual timing isn’t all that different (if you leave out the month of suppression), but it certainly feels quicker to have only two appointments in the weeks before transfer instead of a dozen.  It’s easier to stay excited when I don’t have to drag myself to the clinic day after day.  Not carrying around a hyperstimulated belly full of egg-laden ovaries – well, that helps, too.

Please pray that the logistics (coordinating fertilization and transfer with our work schedules, etc.) come together smoothly, that the eggs survive thawing, and that the right number fertilize.  We appreciate your faith on our behalf!



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7 responses to “All Lined Up

  1. My frozen cycle was so much easier than my fresh cycles…not near as hard on my body. Praying those embryos thaw and stick around for a long 9 months!!

    Believing this is the one for you guys.


  2. JJ

    Lots of GREAT thawing thoughts and prayers!

  3. Shiloah

    I am praying for you this week and next! Please, Lord, let this be the month.

    p.s. I love the before/after tour of your home! Every room is so cool!

  4. Praying, praying, praying!!!

  5. Coralie

    As always, I pray for you frequently, but this will give me the words to pray. I was telling someone about your story, and they asked me how I knew you. I stumbled around for words and said, “er, I don’t really. I read her blog.” 🙂

  6. I’ve been praying for you a lot these past few weeks; you’ve been heavy on my mind. I’m praying that you get to meet one (or more!) of these embryos in nine months or so.

    (And yay for no OHSS!)

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