One Year at 137: Bathroom

Here’s our little bathroom on the first floor, before and after.  We painted, put up a shelf, and installed towel bars and the like.





I took this last picture to show you one of my favorite details in the bathroom.  The plaster on the lower half of the walls was scored to look like subway tile.  So charming!  Someday I’d like to re-do the shower walls (currently plastic) with white subway tile to match.




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10 responses to “One Year at 137: Bathroom

  1. amy

    What a clever idea to score the walls! I also adore your shower curtain. You’ve done so much in one year–I’m impressed!

  2. Amazing what just a coat of paint can do! 🙂 Love it.

  3. You have a talent at decorating. I like everything you’ve done so far!

  4. amy

    I just noticed that your window is pretty low on that shower wall. What do you do about that? We’re going to remodel our bathroom at some point and there will be a window on the shower wall, so I’m looking for privacy ideas.

    • I actually wanted to show our solution for the window, but I didn’t have a good picture. I’ll try to get one later maybe. In our window, the bottom pane already had frosted glass. However, we’re very tall, so we needed to add some privacy to the top pane as well. I applied frosted contact paper to the upper pane (and tried to make it pretty as well as functional). I know they also make a spray paint to “frost” existing windows. It also looks like the previous residents in our house put a 2nd shower curtain up on the wall in front of the window. One word of warning: A window on a shower wall is nearly impossible to keep clean. Our window frame is wood, and I’m sure it’s rotten underneath the paint. It’s prone to mold and mildew, so I spray it with diluted bleach regularly.

      • amy

        All excellent ideas! I’ll definitely keep them in mind. Our window is facing a street, so I’ve also thought about glass blocks, as we will need to double or triple up on some of these ideas!

  5. Annika

    I hope this is okay to say but your bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in your house. 🙂 And what is scoring? And subway tile? Never heard of either. But anyhow…I LOVE the light blue/brown/orange thing…someday if I ever have a bathroom to decorate I’m totally stealing your color scheme. Just to let you know years in advance. 🙂

    • Thanks, Annika! It’s one of my favorite rooms, too, and you’re totally welcome to steal the color scheme! Scoring is basically using a tool to put grooves in an otherwise flat material, in this case the plaster on our walls. Subway tile is a flat rectangular tile with a really clean-edged look. Here’s the best picture I could find (scroll down to the bathroom after pic at the end; the tile is laid vertically instead of horizontally):

  6. Love it! We have a somewhat similar blue bathroom. The “subway tile” on the wall is so neat.

  7. Amanda

    What an adorable shower curtain, Andrea! : )

    By the way, we found our white subway tile at the Lowe’s here for the “lower local price” of $.20/tile (that was a few years ago now, but I know that they do set prices on some things regionally). Maybe a bargain like that is worth a trip?

    Love you (& I think you’ve done beautiful things with your home, by the way)!

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