If You’re Going To…

DSC_0728Aaron has business to do in San Franscisco on Monday and Tuesday, so we decided to make a mini-vacation out of it.  We fly out early tomorrow morning for a long weekend together, and then I’ll bum around while Aaron works for a couple days.  I cannot tell you how much we are looking forward to this little break in the middle of a summer where we’ve hardly had time to see each other!  We haven’t had time to make any plans, so we’ll decide what to do when we get there.  If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments!


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3 responses to “If You’re Going To…

  1. Love the picture of the Golden Gate!! Hmm…I only know the pretty tourist-y stuff, so it’s probably nothing new. We really enjoyed the Alcatraz tour, tandem biking along the coast, and sundaes at Ghiradelli. 🙂

    My husband and I are also having a little get away this weekend…we’ll only be a few hours away from you. Have a great trip!

  2. Angie

    So, you’re already well on your way to San Francisco but I just had to share my suggestion with you. If I were going to San Francisco, I would want to see the “Full House” street. Remember? And then you can spend the rest of your trip singing, “Whatever happened to predictability, the milk man, the paper boy….” You can tell Aaron to thank me later because I’m pretty sure that this will be his most favorite and memorable place to visit of all times! It’s totally his thing.

  3. amy

    Have FUN!

    (Have to share–when I first typed that, it read, “Have GUN!” I don’t suggest that.)

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