I Was There. Now I’m Here!

My recent blog silence stems from two things: 1) We’ve had family visiting constantly since June 19. 2) I’ve been in the process of moving and redesigning my blog.

Welcome to the new Entrusted!

I’m very excited about the new site. I’ll still be tinkering for a while, so please browse around and give me your feedback. If you didn’t show up on the new blogroll and would like to be listed, send me an email; I’m sure I missed people inadvertently! Also, please update your own blogrolls with my new site address (https://entrusted.wordpress.com), and subscribe to the new feed (there’s even a handy button in the new sidebar now!).

Thanks, friends!



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8 responses to “I Was There. Now I’m Here!

  1. I love the new blog! Will update my reader to make sure I stay updated.

  2. Coralie

    I’ve updated my subscription – welcome to wordpress. I love it.

  3. Mya

    Welcome to WordPress!

  4. Love the new blog! Is wordpress harder to work with? I’ve seen several switch to this.

    Changing your address in my blogroll!

    • Jill, I actually think WordPress is easier to work with; it has a cleaner interface and a lot more nifty features. It’s free, unless you want to be able to edit the code. So unless you want to pay, it might not work well for a blog like yours that has a custom design. I’m using the free version with a template that I can customize to my liking.

  5. Linda Beth

    Oooh, I like it! I’m updating my Bloglines right now.

    (This is Flicka, I’m just signed in as my real, family-blogging self. :-))


  6. I like it too! Much cleaner look. I am still on blogger though, but it seems like everyone is making the switch.

  7. Shiloah

    I love the new look! I am adding you to my Reader. 🙂 I hope you guys had a great time in SanFran!

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