Happy Easter!

There in the ground his body lay,
Light of the world, by darkness slain.
Then bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the grave he rose again!

And as he stands in victory,
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am his, and he is mine,
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.

(from “In Christ Alone”)



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6 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Annika

    My favorite verse!! Chokes me up every time I sing it.

  2. Stacey

    He is risen, indeed!

    Hope you had a lovely Easter!

  3. Faith

    It truly is amazing, isn’t it? I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  4. Glenna Marshall

    We sing that song ALL the time…it’s one of our favorites (both corporately and just on our own). We sang that verse to Isaiah while reading about the resurrection to him. My heart BURSTS with joy to simply read those words.

  5. JJ

    Hey there! Its been a while since I have left you some “hugs”–but I have been reading! Hope all is well-xoxo

  6. Katie

    AHHHH! I miss you. Please come back soon? Update? Recipe? Cute photo?

    PS – would you believe I was in our old Williston triple the other day? It was downright tiny, my friend.

    Love you much.

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