Thanks again to all who are praying for Aaron’s dad. We had a good visit in West Virginia. John ended up staying in the hospital through Sunday, and now he’s recovering at home. I’m sure he and Carolyn (Aaron’s mom) would appreciate ongoing prayers for endurance during the long recovery (6-8 weeks). We’re grateful!

On an entirely different note…

We leave a week from today for a vacation with my family – in Hawaii! None of us has ever been to Hawaii, so we’re very excited. We’re staying on the big island, in Waikoloa. After browsing through a travel guide, we have some good ideas of what we want to do (besides relax on the beach, of course!). But I’d like to throw it out to you, Internet: does anyone have recommendations for things to see and do on the big island? Suggest places to eat, too; we love food! We planned this vacation almost two years ago; I can’t believe we fly out next week!



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7 responses to “Roaming

  1. Mya

    I’m glad to hear the recovery continues to go well. And enjoy Hawaii!

  2. Alex and Jill

    I am SO JEALOUS. 🙂 Hawaii is awesome! We haven’t been in years and have been saying we need to go back. I don’t feel like I can give good recommendations on food, since it has been so long. I’m sure you will get some good suggestions from others though. Either way, you’re going to have a blast!!


  3. Elisabeth

    I hope you guys have a wonderful time in Hawaii!! What a wonderful time of year to get away.

  4. Stacey

    Sorry, no suggestions (I’ve never been), but I hope you have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see a few pics when you get back. Sounds great!

    Hoping for a quick recovery, too. Thanks for the update.

  5. Amy

    That’s so exciting! I feel your long-planned trip excitement! I hope your trip is fun, relaxing, and memorable.

  6. Annika

    Wow…how fun! It’s so neat to plan a trip for so long…we did that with our Europe trip with my family. I’ve never been to Hawaii, though–can’t wait to see some pictures!

    I’ve been meaning to email or call you to tell you this…but remember how you mentioned something on my blog about doing some role-playing with the kids to work on obedience and whining or something? Well, I tried that with Jack and Ellie recently…and Jack got very upset and kept saying, “I’m not Mommy, I’m JACK! No, no, you’re not Jack, you’re MOMMY!” 🙂 He didn’t really get it at all. And when I tried it with Ellie, she looked at me like…”What the HECK are you doing?” Maybe someday…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. hoesayfina

    I just read your last post about the song you sang in church yesterday. I am always blessed by the perspective the Lord gives you…I have never been to Hawaii, but understand that the natural beauty that it offers is incomparable to places like Waco or Chicago. 🙂 With that I don’t have any recommendations per say, but want to encourage you to enjoy our Creator God as the Master Artist when you are captivated by His amazing artwork through creation. It’s kind of a no brainer, but I thought it worth mentioning. I do look forward to seeing His work in you come to fruition with a child. Blessings to you and Aaron on this trip. -maria taylor

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