Pray for Aaron’s Dad *updated*

I’d like to ask you all to pray for my father-in-law, John. He is currently having emergency open-heart surgery to bypass five blocked arteries (the blockages were just discovered this morning and the doctors needed to operate immediately). They began the operation earlier this afternoon and don’t expect to be done until late tonight. It has caught the entire family by surprise and shaken everyone. Please pray that John will be sustained through the surgery and that the procedure would be a success. Please also pray for Aaron’s mom, Carolyn, and for the whole family to have peace. We’re grateful that God has preserved John’s life and allowed these blockages to be found before any sort of heart attack occurred, but we’re also all tempted to be anxious. I will update here as soon as we hear more news. Thanks for praying; I feel privileged that I can marshal so many people to pray all at once on this dear man’s behalf!

We just got the call that Aaron’s dad is out of surgery, much sooner than expected. He ended up “only” having quadruple bypass surgery (instead of bypassing five arteries as doctors originally thought was needed). Carolyn will get to see him in recovery soon. John will have a four to five day stay at the hospital, and then a long recovery at home. We’d appreciate your prayers for his continued health!



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6 responses to “Pray for Aaron’s Dad *updated*

  1. Alex and Jill



  2. Elisabeth

    We are praying for you guys!

  3. Dave and Beth Saavedra

    We’re praying for John and the whole family.

  4. Lauren

    Just checked in and saw your last two posts. I’m so glad the surgery was successful and that things weren’t as bad as they originally thought.

  5. Stacey

    I missed this yesterday but I’ll be praying for his recovery. Thanks for sharing. I’ll look for updates.

  6. Hillary

    I said a prayer! **hugs**

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