Battling Bitterness

Earlier this fall, I began to recognize some bitterness in some of my relationships. When particular people committed petty offenses against me, I would react out of proportion. As I sought to understand my responses, I saw that I was beginning to hold grudges, to keep a record of wrongs. Each slight dredged up resentment over any time that individual had acted inconsiderately or sinned against me in the past (at least according to my perception). I didn’t want to forgive; I wanted to act in a way that punished the people who had hurt me. Thankfully, God opened up my eyes to this pattern of bitterness. Then, he provided time for a spiritual retreat, during which Aaron suggested that I focus on how I could grow in love for those toward whom I was tempted to be bitter. It’s been a fruitful study, although I still need to pursue growth here. I’d like to take a few posts to share some of the ways I’ve sought to renew my mind, in case that would be a timely help to any of you. Coming tomorrow (Lord willing): the quote that kicked off my battle against bitterness…



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3 responses to “Battling Bitterness

  1. JJ

    Looking forward to how you have worked against the bitterness–its still so hard for me.

  2. Katie

    Look forward to hearing this. Always can grow here…

  3. Anonymous

    wow. thanks so much for this study. i struggle big time with bitterness and grudgeholding. and i can definitely relate to keeping track of wrongs to hold against people. God, forgive me!


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